Ok, here’s the poll for you to vote on your favorite picture. I know my vertical ones of Vortex and Fantine are the best, but they won’t be chosen as the main picture since they’re vertical. So I’ll probably send at least one of those for the sidebar, but I really wanted a good horizontal one. Drat. Interestingly enough, the new rules say that you can only send one picture per dog not per person. So I can send one of each pup. 🙂

#1–Lantana looking to the Right

#2–Fantine in the field

#3–Fantine and the chainlink fence

#4–vertical up close of Fantine

#5–Fantine by the brick wall

#6–vertical of Vortex

#7–Vortex in front of the bush

#8–Vortex and the leaves

You can choose more than one. Vote away!


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