Wow it’s been a while

Well, since I haven’t posted in a while, here’s my lack of guide dog news…

Lana’s (the cute golden who was career changed and adopted by her raisers) family went out of town, so I got to go to their house for 2 days and play with her and their other pet dog. Man I LOVE cc’d dogs!! I mean, I hate it when it happens, but it was so great because Lana was just so happy and didn’t have to ‘behave’ like a guide dog PIT would. So playing with her was great.

My only other guide dog news would be that on Sunday I have my next house guest. He’s been here before, but just for brief periods of time. (like one or two days) I’m really excited to have him!!!!! And yes, I’m not saying his name on purpose (although I might have mentioned who it was in a previous post). I’m picking him up at the meeting on Sunday and I’ll have him through the next Sunday. Yippeee!! His raisers are experienced, and very good, so it’ll be great. Yessssssss….. Anyway, that’s my bit of excitement. It’s been a while since I’ve had a puppy.

And one final thing I wanted to say, my heart goes out to Sammy…I have no idea how hard it is to lose a puppy that you love so much. It doesn’t seem right, or fair. If there’s ANYTHING I can do, let me know..


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  1. I definitely know how you feel about those CC’d dogs. It’s disappointing when they don’t make the cut, but it’s priceless to see them having such a great time as pets. 🙂

    Go puppysitting! 😀

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