The adventure

Well my friend Rachael and I had planned on taking Festival and her PIT, George, downtown Seattle together. Problem: George was recalled very last-minute this month. So yesterday we decided that we should take Festival anyway. It would be fun, and good experience for Festival. And of course, since any story is boring when you just read about it, we took lots of pictures along the way…

Since we could drive down any day, and the bus is a “different” experience, we decided to go for the bus. Ten minutes (and frozen hands) later we boarded the very empty bus.


Waiting for the bus…


Well taking the bus anywhere is an adventure in itself. But taking the bus downtown with a dog in a green vest, is especially unique. I love the stares you get from people. Or this one guy was very polite, but I could tell he was watching me, looking at my eyes, to see if I was blind. He asked Rachael, “is he working?” And Rachael said yes, so I’m sure he was positive I was blind. THEN I grabbed the camera out of my purse to get an “on the bus” picture. I handed it to Rachael and she was going to try to get the picture but the guy, probably feeling sorry for the blind girl, said “oh I’ll take the picture for you!’ So thank you very much, very nice bus guy. You took a very cute picture 😉


Of course about half way, the bus started to fill up with Microsoft employees heading home from work. We have a lot of East Indian and Asian families in our area, and they both tend to be afraid of dogs. So it always makes for a fun ride when a person literally jumps when they see the dog tucked under the seat.


Once we got off the bus, we walked a few blocks. I just love the city. Not a huge fan of Washington state in general. I don’t like the rain, or the trees, or the constant state of sogginess. But one thing I love is our city. Chicago was nice, LA was cool, but Seattle is the best.


Festival’s raisers had told me he’s only been downtown once before, and that I might want to use the head collar on him if he gets nervous. After about 2 blocks of city sidewalk traffic, birds, and dogs, the head collar went on, and he was much more confident when we headed to Pike Place Market.


Pike Place is basically a big street market. A lot of people sell organic fruits and vegetables along with fish and other random Seattle kinds of things. It’s a lot of fun, and has some of the BEST bakeries around.



 When we were heading back to the bus stop, we saw a blind lady and her golden retriever guide dog. I believe the dog was from TSE. (there was also a lady with a cane across the street from us) Festival and the guide ended up waiting at the same corner together. We told Festival to take lessons from the guide. ;D But it was kinda cool to have them together. Even though the lady had no idea we were there. Both dogs ignored eachother.


Festival slept most of the bus ride home. But he was very happy to get into Rachael’s car and just relax.


When we got home, he crashed on his bed. So that was our adventure for the day. We were going to be out all day today, too, since I go back to school tomorrow, but my dad decided to take the car that I drive into work today. Bummer. Maybe he only gets one big adventure all week.


5 Responses

  1. Looks like a good experience for the big guy 🙂 He’s so handsome!

  2. Festival is darling. I love his face! Sounds like he had some awesome adventures today!

  3. I feel weird when I’m out in public and I have my sun glasses on with a Guide Dog in training. Festival looks like he had a great time! 🙂

  4. What a fun trip! I love Seattle to, though San Fran is still my favorite, and then comes Portland. Nothing wrong with a good strong third though! 🙂 Festival is just so cute, something about him just gives me this good vibe.

  5. Sounds like Festival had a great time!!! I have heard Seattle is great, but I haven’t been there… yet! =P

    Have a fun time with him this week!

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