They’re out of May puppies.

You have no idea how sad I am. I will not be raising any puppies for the next 3 (at least) years due to college.

EDIT: I did tell my leader that if a May puppy becomes available, I’m still all for it. So there’s always that slight possibility. And also, if Vortex does not go back on the June truck, maybe I can work with their June puppy for the month, unofficially (since once it becomes official, it seems to get more complicated :D)



For those of you who are curious about my last post and the cryptic comment about decisions and dogs I thought I’d give you a little update:

I have no news. lol.

HOWEVER, Vortex’ raisers and our family have figured out an arrangement that would make it possible for me to starter raise their next puppy. This would be a puppy off the May 14th puppy truck and would either be transferred to their family at the June truck (if Vortex makes it back on the June truck) or by July 5th (since I go to all-day work on July 6th). That’s my not news. I’ll definitely post the final decision.


I love shopping. Especially when you get almost the whole day off from school and then go shopping. And ESPECIALLY when you get to take certian little four-legged, green-vested, black-furred creatures with you. (i.e. Vortex)


Tex was SO excited to see me! It’s been a couple of months since I’ve gotten to take him somewhere (I’m going to work on being allowed to take him back to school…) and it was all I could do to keep him from jumping into the front seat with me 🙂 First we headed to Panera for lunch…


I love Panera but Tex was, let’s just say, not too thrilled. So much food. So hard being a guide dog 😉 After that was just ran several errands. He’s about 13 months old, but a fantastic dog. He’s improved SO much since last time I worked with him. We just had a good ‘ol time. Headed into a few pet stores to find a great birthday present for the little man and also did a little bit of training with other animals, and dog food, and kitty litter 🙂


I really do love this dog. I mean, I’ve loved a lot of other puppies, but I love this one as much as any of my own dogs. He’s just so sweet, has the best personality, and will be a great dog for whoever he ends up with–whether as a guide or pet.

Apparently we’re hoping for a June recall. His raiser has to get her next puppy in June so that it can be ok to leave home during the work day, in September. However, it’s a possibility that Tex won’t be ready in June, but they’d still need that age of a dog in order for it to work out. That led us to an interesting discussion about puppies which, if you think hard enough, you might figure out what was thought up, but it’s still in the thinking phases so I’m not going to say anything. 😀

I love Vortex.


A lot.


Sakino is graduating at the OR Campus on May 2nd! I’m hoping to be Vortex’ chauffeur down to the campus (his raisers raised Sakino). Anyone else making it to the grad? I’m so happy…Sakino just needed the perfect person. He’s the pup who won Obedience at 4-H state fair with me last year. I love him.


I need game ideas

Ok so this is also completely un-dog-related. BUT I need big group game ideas. Next weekend we’re heading out for our  youth retreat, and as one of the student leaders, I have to plan games. We have a big grassy field in which we play the games. There are probably around 70 teens from 7th grade to 12th grade, plus a few adult leaders.

Comment away with ideas!

Here I thought that because I don’t have a puppy, I would have nothing to report on the dog topic! But no. I have been thinking about getting a new job (I work at Cold Stone right now) but something that happened yesterday tipped me over the top, and so I started looking. Well today I applied to work at Petco as a dog trainer. I don’t even know if they’re hiring, but I figured I could try. aaaaaah we’ll see…..

I do..

What’s a better way to end a week with a sweet puppy than a wedding?? To look smart for the wedding, Festival was going to have a bow-tie.

What? A bow-tie?

What? A bow-tie?

So we found the ribbon

Aw  shoot...

Aw shoot...

Festival wasn’t so jazzed about the idea of wearing a bowtie.


But when I failed at tying a bow-tie, I decided just to do a bow instead


Bow-tie or just plain bow…didn’t matter. Festival was great at the wedding as, of course, I expected.

He leaves today which is a bummer…but Iknow his family is looking forward to getting him back 🙂