Just Another Day

Well I didn’t do the “day in the life” before, because without a puppy–my life is very uninteresting to anyone but me. But since I have a dog….well maybe there’s a little bit of zip now 🙂img_4880

6:10am the alarm on my phone starts ringing. Instead of hurling it out the window (like I would love to do) I get up, keep the lights turned off and let Festival snooze while I take a quick shower and get dressed. At about 6:30, Festival springs up from his bed as he hears me begin to unzip “the zipper” of the bag which holds his food. Breakfast and a relieving session later, we finish the last-minute preparations and I grab the keys while Festival waits patiently (or not-so-patiently) at the door. Load up the car with one school bag, one purse, one bag of volleyball clothes, and one happy yellow lab, and off we go.

After the 30-45 minute drive in semi-rush hour traffic we pull into school and snag one of the best parking spots–right in front of the “A” building where I have my first class. Gathering my school and volleyball bags, Festival and I trot off to my 7:30am class–World Civilizations.

A very long hour later, we ran, almost literally, from the “A” building all the way to the other side of campus to meet up with Rachael. She took Festival to class while I headed to my 8:30am class–Critical Reasoning. Surprisingly no one asked where Festival was, but I had a great conversation with the girl next to me. Even just having a puppy on the first day of class makes me so much more confident 🙂

50 minutes later, and still puppyless, I walked to the locker rooms and changed for the first day of spring quarter volleyball. Since I was one of 4 carry-overs from last quarter, we set up the nets and started playing while the other 26 students in our class listened to rules, guidelines, and course expectations. I love being a repeat 🙂 And I think this will be the best class all quarter! After volleyball I change back into street clothes and Rachael brought my little yellow Bambino back. Funny how they attach to one person so easily. He was so excited to see me that he jumped on the bench and nearly pulled Rachael off her feet to get to me!

Then we walked back to the other end of campus for our 10:30 class…this is always the hardest one for Festival. He’s just about had enough sitting and there must be some sort of paper lining under the chairs, which he ALWAYS tries to chew. lol. Finally we could head out! Yay!

Since I didn’t have to work today, Festival and I visited my old school. It’s always fun to catch up with old friends! After lunch hour, we headed home so I could study and Tiv-o could get some wiggles out. Between then and now we’ve just been hanging out and playing a little hide and seek, and Festival, who is very good at entertaining himself, has been enjoying the new selection of toys.

That’s probably what we’ll end up doing for the rest of the night…Thursdays are rather boring at my house 😉

 And what’s a post without pictures!?!?!



no he's not chewing the plastic--just the bone

no he's not chewing the plastic--just the bone




The picture above reminded me just a wee bit of another one I took a few years ago…


Of course the one above is Arturo.


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  1. Those photos do looks the same!

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