I need game ideas

Ok so this is also completely un-dog-related. BUT I need big group game ideas. Next weekend we’re heading out for our  youth retreat, and as one of the student leaders, I have to plan games. We have a big grassy field in which we play the games. There are probably around 70 teens from 7th grade to 12th grade, plus a few adult leaders.

Comment away with ideas!


3 Responses

  1. Ask Lindsey with Edie how to play “Ship-Island.” I don’t remember how, but it is fun.

  2. Ha ha Lacey, that is the one I was gonna recommend, but I don’t remember exactly how it goes. 😦 Sorry. Totally ask Lindsey though!

  3. One of my favourite big group games is the Knot …basically everyone makes a circle, and grabs someone else’s hand. then everyone is in a big knot and the object of the game is to unravel into a circle without letting go of each other 🙂 It’s always fun and there’s always lots of laughing and teamwork involved

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