And the result is…….



Black Lab





I’m so excited! Now I’ll have had one of each kind of lab (if you count “my” unofficial pups :D). Yellow males Artu and Lawrence, yellow female Pomona, black male Vortex, and now female black “J”.


Let the name guessing begin!!! I’m going for Jasmine or Julia.


Question for you all

So when you first get your puppies, how active are you in their socialization? I know some raisers get started right away (on non-dog areas since they haven’t had their shots yet) and other raisers go no-trips until after a few months.

Also, what do you do if you have to go somewhere, have a baby puppy, and it’ll be a somewhat long/busy situation so the puppy might get overwhelmed. Do you bring a crate? Do you chance it and leave the puppy at home? Just curious.

Edit: Just so you all know, I’m not looking for advice in a particular situation. I’ll be much more chill with this new puppy, since I’ve done starter pups before. I just asked because it’s something I ran into with Lawrence and P-mo.

Puppy sightings

In the last 24 hours I have seen 2 service dogs. One was a very cute yellow lab working CCI dog named Beth. She is working for a young boy who goes to my church. I thought of Madison when I saw her 🙂

And then today I look out the window as I’m opening at work, and I see a black puppy in a green vest walk by! So I ran outside and met FBL “Finola”. She’s very very sweet and very laid-back. I love how all you need to say is “I raise guide dogs, too” and you immediatly have a good 15-minute conversation with any other raiser. We are unique people. EDIT: After searching for her on the littermate list, I realized she’s Festival’s sister!! Reminded me A LOT of him, too.

Oh and there’s also a golden retriever CCI dog being raised around here. I see it with its raisers on walks occasionally, but don’t know its name or anything..I’ve always been in my car.

Seeing all the dogs makes me just so much more excited for the puppy that’s coming in June!!!! Actually it’s exactly 3 weeks from today. 😀

Why I love meetings…

Today we had a meeting. I really love puppy raising meetings. I love seeing all the other dogs. I love the other raisers, I love the raisers-to-be, and the sitters. I love stealing Vortex from his raisers, and I love saying hi to all “my” puppies.

Margie “down”ing






Career Change “Gilligan” (formerly Gaston)


More of Margie…she’s grown so so so fast! With the big 3 leaving sometime in the near future, Margie’ll be the oldest. We’re getting 4 puppies on the June truck (at least that’s the plan right now), a few of them are going to new families. Yay!
I also talked to Vortex’s raiser and she thought it might work for me to take their new baby all the way till July 6th. Big big yay. And that’s about it.

One Month

In exactly one month from today, I’ll get Vortex’s family’s new puppy to “starter raise” 😀 The puppy actually comes on the 11th, but the 14th is the day it comes to our house.

Malou–Morris and Margie’s sister (December puppy truck)


First of all: Happy Mother’s Day!! To all moms and doggy moms–you guys are the best.

Second, this post IS titled news, so I should tell you mine. Vortex is being recalled in June. I am SO sad. I will miss this boy like crazy. You all know how much I love him, so I don’t need to say any more. However because I told you the one part of the news, here’s the other part. Vortex’s raisers are recieving their next puppy on the June puppy truck. That’ll be the 11th of June. Since both raisers work, I’ll be working with the baby until June 24th (when school gets out, and one of the raiser’s schedule is freed up). I’m excited to have this opportunity to “unofficially” start another puppy. I don’t care if it’s official or not–I just miss having a puppy around. So there’s my news. I’ll FINALLY have a puppy to share with you guys. 😀

Happy Birthday!

Today Arturo turned 4. Happy Birthday big guy–I love you and will always miss you.