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So when you first get your puppies, how active are you in their socialization? I know some raisers get started right away (on non-dog areas since they haven’t had their shots yet) and other raisers go no-trips until after a few months.

Also, what do you do if you have to go somewhere, have a baby puppy, and it’ll be a somewhat long/busy situation so the puppy might get overwhelmed. Do you bring a crate? Do you chance it and leave the puppy at home? Just curious.

Edit: Just so you all know, I’m not looking for advice in a particular situation. I’ll be much more chill with this new puppy, since I’ve done starter pups before. I just asked because it’s something I ran into with Lawrence and P-mo.

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  1. At our school we’re encouraged to start taking them out right away. Starting with small trips (eg. pop into the bank, go visit a neighbour) and work up from there. Personally since I bring my pups to school I also start with that right away. Fortunately my school schedule has always worked out so that I could take the pup home if they were being fussy (though I’ve never had a problem).

    What sort of situation are you thinking of? I have usually just arranged a puppysitter for the day if I have to be gone for a long period. However, if it was in a situation where I could bring a crate along I would think that would be a good alternative.

  2. I’ve only raised one puppy, Cabana, and we got her a couple weeks before Christmas. So the weather outside was cold and rainy, and the stores were way too crowded for a little puppy. But I started taking Cabana on short shopping trips right after Christmas, which was about 2-3 weeks after we got her. We were invited to some Christmas parties, which would have been more than a few hours away from home. So I asked the hosts if it was okay to bring Cabana, and we did take her crate along. The nice thing about the beginning stage is that the puppies are still little and light enough to be held, a good solution for if they’re tired or getting too excited.

  3. I tend to be paranoid about the whole danger of Parvo and other diseases, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I definitely like to take the babies to fun, safe places (like a two minute trip to the post office) after a week or so. By then, I know their temperament and what they can handle. A hard thing (for me) is trying to get them out enough when they’re babies because my area has TONS of loose, unhealthy looking dogs that I don’t want to go near. 😦

    As for the second question, I would usually opt for a puppysitter or leave Puppy at home in the crate, depending on the circumstances. Or if he’s mature enough, I’ll have him tag along and hope it goes well. 🙂

  4. For things like going to a long event I have brought a crate! It seems to help them feel comfortable!

    I’m not much help on this since at CCI they cannot go into stores/restaurants till 5 months!

  5. Personally, I prefer my puppy to stay at home most of the time until they have all of their shots. I might take them on a (very) short trips, but not very many. I thimk that being able to work with them at home for a few weeks really sets a great foundation. As my leaders always say, the first 2 weeks you have the puppy are the most important. I teach my dogs almost all of their commands within the ages of 2-4 months, and during this time I also teach them how to walk properly through daily walks. Then, when they do get their shots, they know just how to behave when we are out in public. And I don’t have to worry about Parvo. =]

  6. Awesome thanks for all the comments! And for the record, there isn’t a certian situation I’m wondering about, I’m just curious. Those are two things I’ve always wondered how other raisers dealt with.

  7. Yeah I’m one of the do everything people right off. My life style is not condusive to leaving the pup at home, so I carry them most places; or let them ride in the shopping cart. etc..

  8. I raise for TSA Canine Breeding and Development Center and it is different than Guide Dogs training wise, but socialization is similar. Llarson, the current dog I am raising, we started with short walks down our street for the first week or so. Then we began taking him on short trips to the soccer field parking lot (where pet dogs are not usually frequenting) during our soccer practices. The puppy safe out doors areas worked best for us since he was not completely house trained at the time. Later we went to the Lowes Garden Center since it is still outdoors and if an accident happens it is a quick clean up. Now at 5 and half months I pretty much trust him to take him into stores.

  9. I know, I’m late /grin/ sorry. With both Iverson and Loden we pretty well started out taking them places right away. Giving them a few days to settle in is adequate as long as they’re progressing OK on potty training, are on a relieving schedule, etc. We don’t have much parvo around here and cement is fine so we, even with Eva and Eclipse who didn’t have their jackets) would take them to pet stores and carry them, farm supply stores (they could walk) and outside the mall where we’d walk around and get used to the doors, windows and people. If the pup can handle it quick trips to the little grocery store also came pretty quickly whereas Wal-Mart and very large grocery stores waited for a bit. Enjoy the baby!

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