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I had no idea how few “J” litters there are!! I have a huge list of names and so far haven’t seen that the one I want is taken….although she could be a guide, I don’t know. I’ve never made name lists before–I just had the one name I wanted. For Arturo, I wanted “Alkai” for Lawrence I wanted “Liberty” and for Pomona I wanted “Paris”. Knowing the B’s name luck(Sakino & Vortex), Miss J’s name probably won’t be on my list anyway. But I’m pulling for Jillian.

What were some of the names you guys hoped for your puppies?

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  1. Awww, Vortex is a great name!

    With my Vortex, I knew I was getting either him or his brother Vax, and I was really hoping for Vortex.

    I know I had some other name in mind for Baloo, but I can’t remember it, and his name fits him perfectly anyway.

    Dallas I wanted to name Denai, but I was given a choice between Dallas or Diva … no question there for me. And now I can’t imagine her with any other name.

    Most of my others I’ve had some say in their names (other than Boss, whose name I still hate, and Amigo and Geisha which I liked anyway) so their names were at least in my top 5. I do remember really wanting “Pandora” instead of “Patience” but got outvoted on that one.

  2. I can’t wait to meet the little “J” girl.

    For Patriot I wanted Pheonix (his brother), but I am very glad I ended up with Patriot instead.

    With Calliope, I didn’t have any guesses because she was a transfer.

    With Hobbs, I was told his name was a one syllable “H” name, and the only one I didn’t HATE was Hobbs! One name I really hated was Hal, and I was SO relieved when the other raiser in my group got Hal off the truck before I got my little Hobbs.

  3. This doesn’t answer your question but I might be able to come see you get your puppy! Malta is moving to another family so they are getting a new puppy on the June truck. 🙂 I haven’t heard what their assingment is yet but once I do, I’ll let you know!

  4. Hmmm… Well, for Eagle I really antan Ewan, Edward, or Elvis. =P But my leader let his name slip early, so I already knew his name when I got him. =]

    Franklin was a transfer, so I already knew his name.

    Pilaf… well, I really wanted Persia, and when we walked in the room and saw “Persia” and “Pilaf” on the bags we were kind of stumped. I really liked Persia, but the other raiser pickig up a puppy was talking about how horrible it would be if they got a dog named Pilaf. So I ws kind of leaning toward letting her have Persia. But when they brought them out, Pilaf was cuter anyway. XP

  5. For Luigi, I was new to the whole thing so I didn’t really know the types of names GDB uses, if you know what I mean. 😉 I really liked Louie or Louis.

    With Holly, I actually got one of my favorite choices! I wanted Helen, Holly, Hillary, Hallie, Honey, or Hope. I was SO relieved not to get Hortencia or Hyundai or something like that. =P

    With Alana, I got to help submit names. I knew the names of the pups in the litter and I was pulling for either Alana or April and was ecstatic to get such a pretty girl and a pretty name.

    I got to submit names for Peyton’s litter as well. Until a few weeks before he arrived, I had thought I was receiving a girl, and I really liked Paris too. Recently, I’ve realized that the name doesn’t matter as much as I once thought it did. I can remember stressing about whether I would get a “good” name or not. Now I don’t really care, because I know I’ll grow to love the name and the puppy. For my fifth puppy, I’m actually kind of hoping I get a weird four syllable name, just for a change. 😀

  6. Strange how we do this… Chappelle I wanted Chutney. Spike I wanted Simba. Burgess I wanted Bradley. And for Tahoe, we knew all of the names in her litter and I wanted Tessa.

  7. For Ggoody I had no idea how TSA came up with names until I learned later that the dogs are named after 9/11 victims and fallen soldiers. Ggoody took awhile to warm up to just cause it seemed like an odd dog name, but it fits now! For Llarson I knew one of his sisters’ name which was Llane and I loved that name and was hoping for it. But I guessed Llarson because my spanish teacher was Ms. Larson and sure enough Llarson was his name!

  8. For my 1st puppy I wasn’t sure how names worked. So I didn’t really care what my little girls name was. So when I received Berta I didn’t care for her name but now I don’t mind it.

    With my 2nd puppy I was kind of leaning toward Miami and Mossflower. I ended up receiving Maggie instead which I liked just as much.

    For Myra I was kind of hopping for the same names I had for my second pup. So those would be Miami and Mossflower.

    For Lansing I was really hoping for Luigi, Landon, and Lancalot. Turned out though that I got Lansing and the girl before me got Luigi.

    For Journey I thought I was getting another M puppy and that he was going to be black. So I had no J names that I liked.

  9. I have stopped being picky about names, I tend to like the unusual ones though. I hate normal “human” names for dogs. 😀

    Prudy was my first and I didn’t know much about the naming process so I didn’t really guess names for her but after I got her I was SOOOO thankful that I got Prudy and not her sisters Pearlette, or Polka. (I wasn’t a fan of either of those names.)

    Tahoma- I don’t remember what I wanted her name to be but when I got her I loved the name from the start!!

    Glennie- she was a transfer but I swear my leader said her name was Glarice, I thought it was kind of a putrid name so when I went to pick her up and I got Glennie I was really happy and I liked the name.

    Adeline- another transfer so I knew her name and although it was human I still liked it and it fit her.

    Sherman- I really wanted him to be Snoopy or Sport but I was happy with Sherman.

    Spanky-Another transfer and I thought it was horrible, just because it was so undignified for a guide dog. It quickly grew on me and Spanky was a Spanky through and through.

    Fullerton- I wanted Fritz or Forest. I didn’t like Fullerton at first, I thought it was too long, but it has also grown on me.

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