Official Photo Shoot


I took some cute pictures yesterday. She’s adorable. And I like her. Today we worked some more on “come” and she’ll come from anywhere in the house!! It’s great. She also gets that when she steps on the mat and hears “nice” that she gets food. So now we’re moving on to step 2 🙂 I’m also starting to really work on “sit” but instead of putting her in a sit and giving the command, we’re doing that AND when she sits on her own, we also give the command. We’ll see if it helps. Oh, and she knows her name 🙂 AND she knows that she’s supposed sit whenever people pet her. Like I said, I love this dog. She’s super smart.IMG_5401
















































7 Responses

  1. She is so adorable and sounds like she is doing great!

  2. My Leader would say…its not the dog that super smart, but you!!! 😀

  3. What a cute little dog! You are really giving me the puppy fever, and I won’t get mine back until the 30th!!! Oh well, you are doing so well with the Panda girl, and she sounds like an amazing pup! =]

  4. She’s so super adorable! I just want to squeeze her!

  5. She is so adorable! I am sure she will continue to do as well as she is so far. Good luck with her!

  6. You can see her spunky character in her little face! How exciting. I can almost smell the puppy breath!

  7. Yay photos! I love those puppy wrinkles. 😀

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