Janda, Meet School

Yesterday and today I took Janda to school. As I thought, she did very well! The only signs of stress occurred when I took out the head collar. After it came off, she was great. This is a dog who responds very well to flat collar corrections when she’s not around other dogs or being pet by people.

The bummer is that Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 2 2-hour classes and then I sit around and study for 2 more hours. So Janda is certainly learning how to sit quietly under a desk.

Her test was today, and she passed with flying colors! The disability resource director couldn’t say enough good things about her, and told me she was welcome to come drop by her office any time.

Photo-0188 After the evaluation, Janda and a couple friends of mine, and I sat on the lawn and studied for the remaining 2 hours. She really enjoyed watching all the people walk past, and especially the go-kart, bikers, and skateboarders.


After a while, she decided studying wasn’t her thing. THIS is how Janda feels about Geology. (Sorry Prof M!) That’s it for school! She might not be able to come as often anymore because my parents might have changed their minds. But I’m sticking with the original plan for now and she’ll be back in class on Thursday (tomorrow I’m learning the gym equipment and don’t think it’s the best day to introduce her to it).



Vortex is in PHASE 10!!!! (don’ you DARE graduate in October, Tex!) And Festival is in phase 7! YAY!!!

Just Kidding!

As of Thursday, Vortex is now in phase 8! One month of training, and 8 phases. I love fast track.

Oh, and I will be going to the September 19th graduation. Anyone else going to be able to make it??

New Header!

Thanks to Ally, I have a new blog header! The puppies L to R are Pomona, Arturo, Vortex, Lawrence, and then Janda 😀

Life as a guide

Lawrence has it easy 🙂
lawrence taking a snooze

Missing in Action

She’s gone! Well until later today, actually. Janda’s raisers took her for a few days and man do I ever miss her!! But it is kind of nice to have more freedom for a few days…be able to be gone all day and not have to worry about if an outing is “puppy appropriate” or not.

On Sunday we went to church with a friend since my family was sick, and Janda was working very hard.



 Just kidding…








I can’t believe it all happens tomorrow. It seems like I’ve been waiting/dreading this day FOREVER and it’s tomorrow. *ugh* Hopefully it will come fast since I have to work today, and Vortex’s raisers will pick me up at school to take me to the truck.

Blah. Just 26 hours.