Goodbye Everyone

It is with great sadness that I must announce I will no longer be keeping up this blog. I’ve worked with WordPress since the beginning, but now that I have a lot more pictures I’m getting more and more frustrated by the hoops you have to jump through to get a simple picture up. So, sadly, I will be conforming to the rest of you and using Blogger. *sigh*

My new address is:

I’ll still leave this one up, but stay tuned there for a bunch of pictures and new stuff! And if anyone has any advice about how to utilize blogger I’d appreciate it….This is all new to me. 🙂


I need game ideas

Ok so this is also completely un-dog-related. BUT I need big group game ideas. Next weekend we’re heading out for our  youth retreat, and as one of the student leaders, I have to plan games. We have a big grassy field in which we play the games. There are probably around 70 teens from 7th grade to 12th grade, plus a few adult leaders.

Comment away with ideas!

Happiness is a warm puppy

There’s not much better in the world than being so exhausted that when you sit on the floor to play with your puppy (or puppy-sitee in my case) you end up curled up together on the dog bed, napping. And then, when the puppy decides he doesn’t want to nap, but brings his toy over and chews it right by your head so that he can still be touching you at all times. Yes, I love having a dog around again. 🙂

We ran a bazillion errands today and got the finishing touches for my dress for the “formal” (it’s like a dance, but it was my homeschool group, and they’re all strict, so we don’t dance…it’s more like a really fancy dinner and they’re bringing in a theater group)

The College Decision

Well here it is… I got my top school’s financial aid package today, and made my decision. I won’t be going to California Baptist University (CBU) this fall. I’m 98.7% sure I’ll be going to Central Washington U fall of ’09 and then transferring to CBU in ’10 to finish my degree(s) for the last 2 years. I have mixed feelings about the decision I had to make. While I am bummed that I won’t be at CBU as a Freshman, to do all the cool Freshman stuff and meet people, CWU is a lot cheaper and seems to be a smarter decision. CWU also has one perk…I can probably raise guide dogs there! So here’s a question for you. I know several of you have raised puppies while in college. What do you wish you would have done? We’re on the quarter system, and my initial reaction is to wait until winter quarter, and raise a transfer dog. I am going to college classes this year, so the academic adjustment won’t be so big. But for those of you who have “been there, done that” do you regret raising early? Do you wish you would have gotten your puppy earlier?

Another perk is that my CFR lives in the same city as CWU, so that’d be great 😀