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Lawrence’s Grad page has been moved to a subpoint at the bottom of this page…it’s still viewable with the same password. 🙂

Lawrence was my 2nd puppy. He has a funny story.

At the Christmas gift exchange, I talked to my leader, and she mentioned that they needed starter raisers for this huge delivery of pups that was coming in January. Immediatley the cogs in my brain started turning….how could I get one of these puppies………

Well, after a lot of persuading, my dad agreed, and so I got to be one of the people getting a puppy at the January ’07 puppy truck, just 2 months after Arturo had been recalled and career changed. We guessed a ton of “L” names. My favorite was “Liberty” but my mom guessed “Lawrence”.

Well Lawrence it was, and he dropped into my arms that rainy Seattle day. He was one of 2 pups that came on that truck for our club, his truck-mate being “Flynn” who I practically co-raised.

Lawrence was one of those rediculously good puppies who did practically nothing wrong. We kept waiting for him to “wake up” but he never did. His only 2 problems were chewing and a little of barking. But for the entire time I had him, those were his only faults. I wrote the shortest monthly report that January…

Apparently, my dad got really attached to him, as did the rest of my family, and he decided that I could finish raising Lawrie Boy. However, our CFR had already promised him to someone, so sadly I didn’t get to finish raising Lawrence.

On 10/12 Lawrence was put in the October graduating class. Sadly, his partner’s first dog didn’t work out. Lawrence’s graduation was on 10/18. His partner is a great guy, and they’ll work well together!!

I have a page of pictures and the whole graduation story, to see them post a comment with your e-mail address, and I’ll send you the password.

I miss him very much. I never saw him from when I dropped him off at my leader’s house to when his partner e-mailed me one of him in harness, except for some pictures his 2nd raiser sent me, so it was great to see him at the graduation. He looked very handsome and oh-so-grown-up!

Some people don’t get attached to their starter pups. Others think that because we have them such a short time, starters “don’t count” when we talk about how many pups we’ve raised. But with Lawrence, another chunk (this one smaller than Arturo’s) was torn out of my heart. I loved him like Arturo–only to a lesser degree.

I miss you, Lawrence. But I’m confident you’ll do well with your new partner! I’m cheering for you as the perfect team!!!


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  1. Hi Just read your blog and my daughter raised Lawrence’s brother, Lorenzo.
    I would love to talk to you more and share some pictures. Let me know that you received this email

  2. I would LOVE to hear about Lorenzo!

  3. We received Lawrence on January 30, 2007. The first thing he did was have an accident in Central Market! He was definitely awake when we received him. He was always cute and cuddly and really easy going when it came to outtings. He was a bit stubborn when it came to doing his business. He continued to “go” on outtings for many, many months, but he finally figured it out when he was about 11 months old. He also really enjoyed doing the “Labrador romp” in the house. Boy, could he leap through the air! All in all, we lucked out though. He is the sweetest and best-natured dog ever. We know he will be a great dog for his new dad. We really, really miss Lawrence (we had him for 13 months), but we are so happy he made it. Go! Lawrence.

    Erin and Whitney

  4. I’m probably going to regret this comment in about oh… two days or less but it’s been bugging me so I have to post it. For anybody that has had a Puppy-in-training of any sort, either from GDB or any other school (I’ve had one from GDB and many many puppy-sittees) you know that at three, or four months a puppy is not completely reliably potty-trained, especially on outings. Neither are their house manners perfect, and their demeanor changes from one house to the next, thus the idea behind puppy sitting to see the dogs’ different sides/issues. In no way can a starter raiser be blamed for accidents in public or the home that a four month old puppy makes. Those are entirely the handler who has the puppy. If puppy’s were perfect after being with a starter raiser and ready to take on the world without accidents or some minor issues they would all just go to starter raisers then back to the school for formal training. Okay, I’ve said my piece. Congrats to all on Lawrence’s graduation.

  5. Lawrence developed a seizure disorder and returned to us in August 2009. Anna had Lawrence for 3 weeks. We think she did a terrific job, and we do not think she was responsible for his accidents or any other issues he had during his puppy training phase. We were lead to believe he did not relieve himself in public, which we did not believe, nor did we attribute to Anna. Our group was just trying to ease us into raising. Our current 6 month old lab is not nearly as advanced as Lawrence was in this area. Clearly, Lawrence was Guide Dog material, and after 13 months in our home he went off to school. Lawrence’s person has repeatedly stated that Lawrence was the best guide he has ever had, thanks to Anna, perhaps us, and the guide dog trainers. None of this matters, though. Lawrence had a fatal seizure on December 26, 2010. His last 16 months, he was spoiled and loved…….we just wish so much that it could have been for many, many more years. Our hearts are broken forever.

    The Fleming Family

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