Vortex is in PHASE 10!!!! (don’ you DARE graduate in October, Tex!) And Festival is in phase 7! YAY!!!


Sad News

Lawrence has been retired. He has had 3 seizures and sadly, his handler made the (correct) decision to retire him, as they won’t just go away. He’ll be adopted by his 2nd raisers which will be nice for him. My poor boy. :.(

Just Kidding!

As of Thursday, Vortex is now in phase 8! One month of training, and 8 phases. I love fast track.

Oh, and I will be going to the September 19th graduation. Anyone else going to be able to make it??

Happy 4 years, Artu!

4 years ago, yesterday, I brought home a cute little droopy eyed lab who would change my life forever. July 22nd, 2005 was one of the best days I’ve had. Thank you Arturo for making me who I am today. I love you always!








And Vortex is now in phase 7!!! I’m very much hoping he decides to graduate before or after October…..I’ll be in Chicago during the October graduation! :-/


My not-so-favorite little girl, Pomona, has her forever home. And it’s 30 minutes from me. Since I was P-mo’s starter raiser, I didn’t turn in the “Fun Things About My Puppy” form, and thus did not have the opportunity to check the box that says “Share this Info with the new family”. So I mailed a letter to GDB and they forwarded it to P-mo’s family. They called me the other day and said they’d love to meet me and for me to see “Mona” again. YAY! So in September I will have seen all 3 of my babies again! Cool beans.

Oh and Vortex is on the fast track, in Phase 5.

New Header!

Thanks to Ally, I have a new blog header! The puppies L to R are Pomona, Arturo, Vortex, Lawrence, and then Janda 😀

Life as a guide

Lawrence has it easy 🙂
lawrence taking a snooze