We called her Mona or “the Moaner Girl”. Pomona was my 3rd puppy, and a very different experience than my previous two! Her main problems were barking and her very willful personality.

She was always a big love. Most of what she did was to get attention. And she enjoyed nothing better than to curl up in your lap and snuggle.

Mona Girl really loved to bark. At 3 months, our CFR put her on spray protocol which was only supposed to be for pups 4 months and older.

Her barking really got on my dad’s nerves, and that reason plus the fact that she was super high-maintenance, and I was a junior in highschool who works part-time and doesn’t have a ton of time to devote to a high-maintenance, high-energy puppy all piled up and we had to transfer her.

At almost 4 months, she was transferred to a leader family in Kent. They were very excited to have her, and she was going to be their 8th puppy. After a week or two, they gave up on her, and our CFR decided to send her down to the Boring, OR campus for professional evaluation.

After that, she went to a family in OR where she is currently being co-raised and I’ve heard is doing well.

I really do miss the pest, and wish I could have finished raising her. But it wasn’t to be. Love you Moaner Girl!!!!


EDIT: On February 27th, 2009–Pomona was career changed for elbow dysplasia. We are currently waiting to find out if her 2nd raisers are going to keep her. If not, we’ll have GDB place her.

Here’s a video that is SO Pomona….her introduction to the mirror!

Pomona and the Mirror


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  1. LOL, my puppies did the same thing when they saw the mirrors in my room!!

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