I can’t believe it all happens tomorrow. It seems like I’ve been waiting/dreading this day FOREVER and it’s tomorrow. *ugh* Hopefully it will come fast since I have to work today, and Vortex’s raisers will pick me up at school to take me to the truck.

Blah. Just 26 hours.


Why I love meetings…

Today we had a meeting. I really love puppy raising meetings. I love seeing all the other dogs. I love the other raisers, I love the raisers-to-be, and the sitters. I love stealing Vortex from his raisers, and I love saying hi to all “my” puppies.

Margie “down”ing






Career Change “Gilligan” (formerly Gaston)


More of Margie…she’s grown so so so fast! With the big 3 leaving sometime in the near future, Margie’ll be the oldest. We’re getting 4 puppies on the June truck (at least that’s the plan right now), a few of them are going to new families. Yay!
I also talked to Vortex’s raiser and she thought it might work for me to take their new baby all the way till July 6th. Big big yay. And that’s about it.


First of all: Happy Mother’s Day!! To all moms and doggy moms–you guys are the best.

Second, this post IS titled news, so I should tell you mine. Vortex is being recalled in June. I am SO sad. I will miss this boy like crazy. You all know how much I love him, so I don’t need to say any more. However because I told you the one part of the news, here’s the other part. Vortex’s raisers are recieving their next puppy on the June puppy truck. That’ll be the 11th of June. Since both raisers work, I’ll be working with the baby until June 24th (when school gets out, and one of the raiser’s schedule is freed up). I’m excited to have this opportunity to “unofficially” start another puppy. I don’t care if it’s official or not–I just miss having a puppy around. So there’s my news. I’ll FINALLY have a puppy to share with you guys. 😀