Happy Birthday Festival! Part 2

I promised pictures so here they are…we have a fully fenced and safe yard, so Festival and Daniel (my little brother) and I got to play outside together 🙂




Most dogs like to have something in their mouth when they’re running around my yard, it’s a weird thing I’ve noticed. So because I didn’t want any bad habits starting, we brought out his goughnut (his favorite toy!) and he ran around with that 🙂


And then he started getting tired, so I figured I could get a cute picture…this one’s for Cheryl, Lorne, and Anne-Marie 🙂


I can’t believe this dog’s house manners. They are impeccable. I mean yeah, he’ll walk around and sniff the garbage cans, and if here’s a little crumb on the floor he might just eat it…but you know when you see a puppy running out of your room? You know that “oh no” feeling you get, thinking that he snagged something? Socks, tissues, (for Arturo it was underwear)….Festival doesn’t do anything even close to that. AH! I want to know how I can train me one of these kinds of dogs…

The sad thing is….He leaves on Sunday. Bummer. I know his raisers will be very happy to see him again, but I’ll really really miss having him here. He’s so sweet. *sigh* only a few years till I graduate college and can start raising again….then I’ll get my cross 🙂


Happy Birthday!!

Today Pomona turns 1! I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I got her off the truck.

I still have no idea where she is, but wherever you are, however you’re doing, happy 1st birthday P-mo!!! And also a big Happy B-day to Powell, Pretzel, Porter, Palisades, and Patsy!


In other news….Yesterday (Thursday) I had to give a speech about myself in class. Fun, right? Well we were told we had to bring something to class that represented a part of our lives, and the speech would focus on that. *bing* immediate idea. I’d bring a guide dog. And since Mr. Vortex is spending 2 weeks with me anyway (starting Monday), why not bring him and see how he does at school? So I did. and it was great! The speech went really well, and of course Vortex had to get up, stretch, and yawn in the middle of the speech. But the class and my professor thought it was hilarious.

Meet Vortex (or Tex as I loved to call him):

He’ll be back, and then I’ll get some good pictures, I promise. But these were the “I have less than 24 hours with him” pictures. 🙂