At the camp I choreograph we asked the kids the other day what their most embarassing moment was. I know mine, but none of the people there would “get it” I’ll share it with you all.

Pomona had been at our house for a little over a month, so she was going more places, and I took her to the T-Mobile store to get a new cell phone. She relieved before going into the store, and was behaving pretty nicely. We walk into the store, and she promptly pees on the floor. Oh great. I clean it up and we finish our purchase and then run over for a quick trip to Fred Meyer. She’d been there before. We walk in the front door, and she squats. Yes, right by the front door, she pooped. Of course I didn’t have any more paper towels/diapers since I had just cleaned up the T-Mobile mess. Then she not only poops, but has diarrhea. Oh lovely. That’s gotta be my most embarassing moment EVER with ALL my puppies…

So here’s the challenge–what’s your most embarassing puppy raising moment ever? Blog about it–I’m excited to hear all your stories! 😀