It’s That Time of Year Again!!

Well here we go. The GDB people are asking for calendar submissions once again! I have some that are actually somewhat decent this year, but the frustrating thing is that a few have fuzzy spots. Anyone know how to get rid of them? Just to sharpen up a little area of grass?

Here’s the ones I was thinking of…








This one has been in the newsletter…


Oh, and Pomona isn’t living with her raisers after all. She’ll be placed by GDB, and hopefully I’ll hear from her new forever family 😉


100th Post!!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 posts….weeiirrdd…

Well with his raiser’s permission, I’d like to introduce you to Lawrence’s brother, Lorenzo.

Like most of the “L” litter, Lorenzo made it all the way to phase 10. However, he was career changed and is now living with his raisers’ niece.

One thing I’ve noticed about this litter is that they all look so different from eachother!! (Although I haven’t seen any of the girls, the boys are all so different looking…)

Lorenzo (who I think looks a little bit like Kimora)



Weird, huh?

Oh, and Lorenzo’s raisers are now raising this adorable little man, Newby:

And since this is post #100, I thought I’d post pictures (that hopefully I haven’t posted before, lol) of all the dogs who are special to me….being a puppy sitter, there are many 😀

A is for…

Arturo (my first puppy)

Armand (Arturo’s brother, raised near me by a girl who became a friend because of the boys)

B is for…

Bono (my “demo dog” if I ever had a public speaking event about GDB, which I do a lot, I brought Bono. He was practically perfect. Oh-so-mellow)

Bradford (my “Christmas dog” of ’06…i’ve had a dog every christmas for 3 years)

F is for…

Fantine (the 3rd puppy of Armand’s raiser who spent 3 weeks with me earlier this year…you may remember her 🙂 She’s also Frisco’s sister)

Flynn (a puppy who came up with Lawrence, Fillmore’s brother, that I practically co-raised. He spent a little less than a half of his puppy raising days at my house, but we LOVED him)

L is for…

Lantana (a.k.a. Lanabanana or the ADHD teddy bear…Lana is also being raised by a friend, and spends time with me occasionally)

Lawrence (“the little guy”, my first starter puppy and first graduate)

P is for…

Devil. Oh, I mean Pomona (my 3rd puppy, 2nd starter, and……a handful. 😀 She was my Christmas ’07 puppy)

S is for…

Sakino (another amazing beyond belief puppy…I showed him at 4-H state fair, and he came in first against 6 other puppies in his class. Which is a big accomplishment!)

V is for…

Vortex (I love this dog. He’s my favorite PIT right now. I have an open arrangement with his raiser that if she ever needs him to go somewhere for a day so she can work a full day, that I’ll take him to school with me)

The other dogs who are special to me, are all of your dogs. 😀 Over the……however long I’ve been blogging, I feel like I know some of you guys and your pups. If someone mentions one of your dogs my immediate reactions is, “Oh! I know him! (or her)…well, technically I don’t, but I know him online!”

I love this community of blogger raisers….you guys are so great. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll actually get to read about MY dog….#4…. 🙂

Bye bye

Well it seems like a lot of people have said goodbye and hello this weekend. Fantine left yesterday. I loved having her–she was very sweet and a great dog to have around! The only problem was she was getting mouthy. But other than that she was wonderful. I like to say she was an adult dog in a puppy body. 😀

Sadly, I don’t have a “hello” but I’ll be watching Gaston in July for a few days, and I’ll have Fellow for the day sometime this month. And I’m hoping that when Anna comes to the area for her family reunion she’ll let Lynn spend the day or whatever with us. 🙂

According to the phase report from last week Lawrence is still in 8, but the other Anna thinks he’s in 9 but the reports haven’t been updated. Go Lawrie, Lo, and Remington!!


2 years ago today this sweet boy was still with me……


Wunder Dog

Fantine leaves tomorrow. *tears of sadness* She wanted to write one final letter home, so I said I’d let her…here it goes:

Hey everybody, it’s me again, Fantine. Anna says that I’m going home tomorrow! WHoopee!!!! I get to see my family again!!! It’s funny because while Anna was at work, I was reading through all the blogs that she has on her list, and I saw that some of you people were talking about trying to find interesting outings. I think as long as it’s new, it’s interesting. I think my favorite was the bus. Now this wasn’t no school bus. It was one of the transit buses with the slippery floors and loud announcers and strange “ding” noises, the whole taco. burrito. enchilada.

My favorite thing ever was doing homework with Anna. This is us doing homework….

WAIT! That is so NOT what it looks like….I did NOT….nap……………………..or maybe I did. What does the 13th amendment do? But I go to school with my sitter, so I must be smart. She said I didn’t fail any classes. See? I’m a smart girl. Don’t need to do homework.

We’re going to watch a Rodgers and Hammerstein marathon tonight. I think that means people named Roger and Hammerstin are going to run around? Maybe not. That doesn’t sound too interesting, but Anna sounds really excited.

Anna says she’ll really miss me. She’s started calling me wunder dog. I have all sorts of nicknames, Teenie, little girl, Wunder Dog, Teenie Tiny, Puppy Girl, and Fantiney. Every once in a while she calls me Little Miss Stinky, but that’s only when I’ve done something really bad like grab a piece of paper off the floor or break a “stay”.

Anna also says she’ll be sure to tell what I become when I become it. I think I’m going to become a dog. At least I hope so. I don’t care what else happens as long as I stay a dog.

Licks and tail wags,

Teenie the Wunder Dog


The Bus, The Meeting, and…the other Meeting

Well yesterday was a biiig day for Fantine. We started it off by hopping on the bus at  8:45am. Fantine did okay–was pretty restless and seemed a little nervous for the first 10 minutes. She’s started being really garbage mouthy recently, so I ended up fishing a couple of times…fortunately it was only me and 2 other ladies on the bus. Then we got to our bus stop and walked about 6 blocks up to my theater. We got there early, so we did some obedience drills in the parking lot before we went in. At the beginning of the meeting, she was fantastic. Settled right down and slept. About halfway through someone small and furry got bored and got up and was mouthing my hands. I couldn’t leave the meeting, and there were people all around me, but after a little while she settled down. Then we went into the other room to do some improv and focus games. Wellllll……Fantine decided that she wasn’t in a good mood, so while the people were moving around she was jumping at them, and just going nuts. Everyone felt bad for me, and were really good about neither judging her behavior or my need to correct her for it. But let’s just say I was sooooo glad when the meeting was over.

It ended 15 minutes early, so I thought I might get to take the earlier bus back. So I walk out and back to where the return trip bus stop should be, and it’s not there. And I walk the other direction, and it’s not there. So I call my mom and tell her the bus stop is missing so I’m going to have to walk all the way to the transit center so I might be on a later bus. I was peeved. We had to wait 20 minutes before the bus came, so we did a bunch of obedience drills and focus work, and went to a baseball game. If I would have known we’d have so much time on our hands, I would have gone down to the waterfront and gotten some pictures there.

So I wasn’t having such a great day, but on the bus ride home, Teenie decided to behave really nicely, and I got some good pictures. Then we went to Target, and the little monster behaved like a pro, and I found what I was looking for, and everything was good. We went home and slept for about an hour and then headed to our puppy club meeting. I was a little concerned about how Fantine would do with all the dogs (since she’s been dog distracted) so I brought her in on her training collar. After a few good corrections, she settled down and I switched her to the flat for the rest of the meeting. I got to meet our newest puppy, “Fellow” who was a total doll, and SO SO good!!!!! We did some stair work and just walked around a little, and I have to say after her corrections, Fantine was as good as our 14-month-old recall dogs!

I was happy because we talked about puppy-sitting, and I’m our club’s only puppy-sitter, so they said I’ll be kept busy this summer! Yay! I have a rough schedule about who I get when, so it’ll be nice. After the meeting we went to Mars Hill Church and then to Red Robin for dinner.

Sakino–he’s leaving for recall June 13th!



This is how Bono spent the meeting. This is how Bono ALWAYS spends the meetings. He’s due to go back on June 13th, and his raisers are getting another baby. They said “we don’t want another puppy. We want another Bono.”

Fellow (for he’s a jolly good Fellow–THAT nobody can deny!!!)

Gaston the Great

The Pacenator


My favorite picture of the day!!! Fantine

I got really bored on the bus ride, so I realized that I was wearing my “HOPE” wristband (Relay for Life) and I thought it was funny how Fantine will be giving someone hope, so I tried to get an “artistic” picture….

When the natives get restless

Yesterday and today not much went on here, so our resident 8-month old puppy resorted to causing trouble about the house. So I decided today that Fantine needed a nice long walk. We went up to the shopping center (1.5 miles away) which happens to be where I work, and full of fun stores. I needed to look for graduation presents, anyway. Fantine was a trooper and handled the traffic well. The road we have to go on is one of the main roads through the city, and has no sidewalks, so there were lots of cars zooming past, and we were just on the shoulder of the road. I’ve taken many dogs on it before, and there are alternate paths that go on residential roads, but they take a lot longer. So we walked up the hill to the shopping center and visited Cold Stone, a party store, Safeway, Jamba Juice, and the drugstore. It was great. 😀 Fantine recieved many compliments on looks and behavior, and (Emily, you’ll be glad to hear) out of all the people who petted her, she only got excited once. (YAY!) I’m trying to get pictures up, but the uploader is being funny so I might have to add them later.

Tomorrow we’re skipping church ( 😦 ) and riding the bus to my summer camp choreographer’s meeting. We’ll get to walk through downtown Kirkland, and mayyyyyybe visit the waterfront. But probably not. Afterwards we’ll be riding the bus back to the park-and-ride and then going to Target to see if they have something I’m looking for, and then going home for a nappy (we’ll both probably snooze) and then off to our puppy club meeting!!! I’m so excited! I haven’t been to one since I had P-mo, even though I did get to go to the Fire Station Outing in April. And then we’ll go to Mars Hill Church that night. So we have a fuuuun day tomorrow! No more of this “bored” stuff.

 Oh! And the other  thing Fantine’s REALLY improved on (that I forgot to mention in the list earlier) is checking in. I really encourage dogs to check-in so that I know they’re focused on me. When she came to me, she hardly ever did it, but now she does it tons. That makes me happy. 😀

My little brother and Fantine–both awake

Daniel decided Fantine was a good pillow


Lovely Lady

In just a week Fantine has improved on a lot of things:

  • not pulling on leash
  • left turns
  • greeting people (especially kids)
  • general obedience
  • “come”
  • and standing still for brushing

Right now we’re working on polishing meeting people and passing dogs, and fighting garbage mouthiness. But overall she’s still a joy, and I’ll be so sad to see her go next week!!!