Canine Connections

ah my post text never showed up! But I’ll have to give you all the update about Canine Connections soon!

And Janda is coming with me to graduation tomorrow, so if anyone else is going, we’ll both see you there!


Winter Wonderland

I suppose I should update. Life’s been VERY slow here. We’ve been snowed in for almost a week, and I hate it. So does Tianna. We stil have about a foot of snow, but my dad put chains on our car, and we’re going to venture up to the grocery store so that I can get the rest of my Christmas presents and Tianna can have an outing, her first in over a week. We discovered that if she eats too much snow, she gets really runny stools. SO, no snow for little Tianna!!!

She’s a sweet girl. Many a night she will curl up in my lap and we’ll watch a movie. She’s still working on not mouthing, and whining’s been interesting (when she’s on the tie-down), but over all she’s great. Spends a lot of time loose in my room or on tie-downs in other parts of the house.

I really do need to get some pictures with her, especially ones in the snow. But she’s so wiggly it’s hard. And I hate snow. So put them together, and it’s been a challenge to be motivated enough to get out the camera and the dog at the same time. But here are some from inside:


I take it back. I do have ONE good picture of her in the snow….



Mellow Fellow


Fellow is very calm and laid-back. BUT, I’m looking forward to taking Vortex again. I love that little puppy. Fellow is so so so calm that he almost has no personality. I like Vortex’s spunky personality. 😀


And here you thought that meant I was getting a puppy. 🙂 I’m so mean aren’t I?

Well if you thought I was getting a pupper, you’re partly right, and partly wrong. So I suppose I should start with the non-guide dog part of the news, or you won’t read it :D…

So here’s the story… I was checking all the blogs on my blogroll which I try to do every other day, and I saw this post buy another GDB puppy-sitter. That sparked one of those “Oh!” moments. And I remembered I was saving up for a laptop. Well I decided to check out the one I was looking at, to make sure they still had the right model, etc.

So when I checked that, I also noticed it happened to be on sale. Big deal. Laptops often go on sale. Well this one was $300 less than normal. So all with that and the fact that I don’t have to pay car insurance after all, I decided to get this:


The Sony Vaio Breast Cancer Edition……and it’s pink 😀

So that’s what I’m typing off of right now. It’s lovely.

But now I’m working on the “transfer everything from my parent’s computer to this computer” slow process.

SO to guide dog news…..

Let me introduce you to the little lady who will be gracing my house from December 11th (ish) to January 5th…


My first impression is that she looks remarkably like Fullerton. They’re not immediately related, but they still look similar!



So this is Tianna. She’s 11 weeks right now, so she’ll be around…. 4 months when she comes to visit with me. I didn’t do the math, so I’m probably a little off. Her raisers said I could have her as long as I wanted, and so I’m taking them up on that and will have her my entire Christmas break!!! I’m thrilled. You have no idea. She’s still not “my” puppy, but for all intensive purposes, when people are asking about her, I’ll probably say she is another starter puppy. 🙂

That’s my news. 😀

Oh, and I don’t know if I ever officially announced that one of our club members, Bono, is in class. But he is. And he’s graduating on Saturday, for anyone making it to the Boring grad. 🙂

The Bad News…

Well, it looks like no more starter pups for little ‘ol me. Our CFR wants the starter raisers to work with them for longer than a month, and that’s just not possible for me. So sadly, I’ll have to say goodbye to my dream of having one last starter pup. Too bad, because my parents almost said yes, too. 😦


However, I was talking to my leader and they said I could puppy-sit one of our new puppies, Tianna, over December. The raisers have a lot going and they would love to have me watch her.

I really wish I could have raised a starter, though. My only motivation for raising starters isn’t that I get glory for a graduate. Lawrence’s graduation, and the pain I went through, would prove to anyone that it’s not about getting to say “I raised a guide dog”. I just love having a puppy that’s “mine”–even if it is for just a month–rather than watching a dog that’s someone else’s. I don’t GET to do another full-time puppy until I graduate, so my starters are my compromise. They’re “mine” but not “all mine” which is good for my parents and me.

Does that mean I won’t puppy-sit Tianna? Absolutely not. I might actually have a better chance to puppy-sit her (rather than get a starter puppy), because my parents are more welcome of puppysittees than starter pups. I hope I can have her (or someone else) for Christmas….I’ve had a puppy every Christmas for 3 years– Arturo, my boy, Bradford, a puppy-sittee, and Pomona, my 2nd starter pup. So anyway. This is a really long and disjointed post.

I’m going to call Tianna’s raiser and find out exactly when she would want me to puppy-sit. I don’t want to take her away from her family while they want her. I definitely don’t want to ask to have her for Christmas, because I know that’s a special holiday for a lot of families and having their pups with them is important. I know I wouldn’t have shipped Artu off to a puppy-sitter for Christmas, for anything. So I’m not exactly sure WHAT to do right now. My leader is also e-mailing all the other raisers to see if anyone is going out of town and needs a sitter. But right now we have a lot of brand new people who want to puppy-sit.

I love brand new people, and I love that they want to puppy-sit, but I don’t think they’ll ever understand how much I want to puppy-sit until they’ve raised a gorgeous dog and given it away. And then been told they can’t raise again. (except for starter pups) So I don’t know…Dang I want my own puppy again. SO BAD. I’d even take this one back again…..


(by the way, her 2nd raisers saw her at the Oregon Fall Luncheon, and her current raisers said she’s doing great…. :D)

So will I puppy-sit Tianna? Probably. Yeah. Why not. I just really want my own puppy again.

Love your babies for me.

 and congrats on making it all the way to the end of my whining-post.

100th Post!!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 posts….weeiirrdd…

Well with his raiser’s permission, I’d like to introduce you to Lawrence’s brother, Lorenzo.

Like most of the “L” litter, Lorenzo made it all the way to phase 10. However, he was career changed and is now living with his raisers’ niece.

One thing I’ve noticed about this litter is that they all look so different from eachother!! (Although I haven’t seen any of the girls, the boys are all so different looking…)

Lorenzo (who I think looks a little bit like Kimora)



Weird, huh?

Oh, and Lorenzo’s raisers are now raising this adorable little man, Newby:

And since this is post #100, I thought I’d post pictures (that hopefully I haven’t posted before, lol) of all the dogs who are special to me….being a puppy sitter, there are many 😀

A is for…

Arturo (my first puppy)

Armand (Arturo’s brother, raised near me by a girl who became a friend because of the boys)

B is for…

Bono (my “demo dog” if I ever had a public speaking event about GDB, which I do a lot, I brought Bono. He was practically perfect. Oh-so-mellow)

Bradford (my “Christmas dog” of ’06…i’ve had a dog every christmas for 3 years)

F is for…

Fantine (the 3rd puppy of Armand’s raiser who spent 3 weeks with me earlier this year…you may remember her 🙂 She’s also Frisco’s sister)

Flynn (a puppy who came up with Lawrence, Fillmore’s brother, that I practically co-raised. He spent a little less than a half of his puppy raising days at my house, but we LOVED him)

L is for…

Lantana (a.k.a. Lanabanana or the ADHD teddy bear…Lana is also being raised by a friend, and spends time with me occasionally)

Lawrence (“the little guy”, my first starter puppy and first graduate)

P is for…

Devil. Oh, I mean Pomona (my 3rd puppy, 2nd starter, and……a handful. 😀 She was my Christmas ’07 puppy)

S is for…

Sakino (another amazing beyond belief puppy…I showed him at 4-H state fair, and he came in first against 6 other puppies in his class. Which is a big accomplishment!)

V is for…

Vortex (I love this dog. He’s my favorite PIT right now. I have an open arrangement with his raiser that if she ever needs him to go somewhere for a day so she can work a full day, that I’ll take him to school with me)

The other dogs who are special to me, are all of your dogs. 😀 Over the……however long I’ve been blogging, I feel like I know some of you guys and your pups. If someone mentions one of your dogs my immediate reactions is, “Oh! I know him! (or her)…well, technically I don’t, but I know him online!”

I love this community of blogger raisers….you guys are so great. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll actually get to read about MY dog….#4…. 🙂

It’s over

Well, graduation is officially over. Lawrence and his partner are back home, and I’m sure they’re having a good ‘ol time.

I’m creating a password protected page for Lawrence’s graduation and pictures since they involve people pictures that I don’t want to post publicly. So if you’d like to see the page, comment, and have your e-mail address in the required field, and I’ll e-mail you the password. 🙂