Vortex made it into Community Connections!

My little favorite made it into the GDB Community Connections newsletter! I sent in the picture of him at school, and Sarah loved it, so now he’s famous. 🙂

You can see it here: http://www.guidedogs.com/site/DocServer/comm-conn-2008-dec.pdf

In other news, I’m puppy-less, but still thinking Tianna should be here. I got home from the mall today and almost went to my room to get her out of the crate. 😦 But it’s kind of nice at the same time. No 7am breakfast anymore!!

I don’t have any immediate puppy-sitting on the horizon, because apparently I didn’t scoop her little business fast enough for my parents, so I don’t get a puppy this month. (it was supposed to be for the month of Feb, but since Tianna left early I think I can do a Feb pup). I’m pretty sure I’m getting Festival in March. But I apparently need to go to meetings more often. It’s been really hard since my parents go to evening church which is exactly when our meetings are. But I’m working something out with my leaders. They want me to come more often, and I want to come more, too!! I always feel a little left out when I do go to meetings because we have a ton of new people who I don’t know. And they’re always handling puppies to get more experience. Since I don’t NEED to handle puppies, I let them do it all. The other weird thing is that all these new families (there are 3 or 4!) only know me as a puppy-sitter. They have no idea about the 3 pups I’ve raised. *sigh* I feel so ordinary. lol.



Mellow Fellow


Fellow is very calm and laid-back. BUT, I’m looking forward to taking Vortex again. I love that little puppy. Fellow is so so so calm that he almost has no personality. I like Vortex’s spunky personality. 😀


As you all in CA are enjoying Fun Days (and Kelsey and Emily getting their new boy!!!) Little Lantana has wiggled her way into our house and hearts. She’s very much a golden. If you don’t know what I mean by that, ask Emily and Kelsey after they’ve had their puppy for a few months, or puppy-sit a golden. They’re very different from labs. 😀 She’s almost as hard to get a good picture of as a black lab!!


Laughing at me for trying to get a decent picture of her

iiiitch…aaahhh that feels goooood…

Being patriotic.

As of right now it looks like we’re only going to have one outing. Tomorrow she’ll go to church with me and my big bro, which could be a very interesting experience…my church is, well let’s say, not “normal”.  It rocks. Literally. So we’ll go there tomorrow morning and then the club meeting that afternoon and then she goes home. 😦 Tears. Sadness. No outings today–mostly just playing around inside and walks around the neighborhood.

One of the many things I love about Lantana is that she always wants to be touching you. Not just foot on yours, head on your shoe, no she wiggles into your lap and flops in it with skill I’ve never seen before. I won’t plan on having her sit with me, but there she’ll be all of a sudden.

With the love wiggling, she also has boundless energy. I’ve never experienced a dog with so much energy. Ever. She woke up at 6 this morning (it’s SATURDAY Lana!!) and then bounced around until 3, when she finally took a nap next to me on the floor. I sent her raiser a text “Does your dog ever SLEEP?!? lol” to which she responded “sometimes” lololol

Yes, ADHD teddy bear is a better description than I imagined!!! Love you, Lana!

Part 2: still guest starring Gaston

Today we started out for the bus and work eagerly anticipating Gaston’s reaction to the wire crate at my job–the thing which would either let him stay through tomorrow or make him go home early. Well we got there and he did fine with it. Yaaay.

It was an exhausting day at camp, but somehow having a puppy makes it ten thousand times more fun. He spends most of the camp in the crate and then on my lunch break he gets to be loose in my break room and then he goes back in while I finish the camp.

I had this random guy come up to me (as is normal to puppy raisers) and ask a bunch of questions. Unlike most people this guy was really driving me nuts. He asked all the normal questions and then he just stood there and kinda watched me for about 10 minutes while occasionally asking random questions. Not watching Gaston, watching me. Eventually his bus came and he left. *whew*

The bus is pretty crowded, and he’s a huge dog!! We have affectionately nicknamed him “Moose”

 So far my experience with Gaston has convinced me that goldens are amazing and wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, can focus but also be goofy when not working, listens, and responds to corrections on the flat collar! I love this guy!!!

Haven’t seen the phase reports for the week, but as far as I know everyone is still in, and no one is in class…

Adventures! Guest Starring: Gaston

The letter for the week? G! As in Gaston the male golden retreiver who is spending a few days at my house. He gets to be the first one to take the bus adventure with me this summer. Our club’s other golden might also get the chance in August.

Gaston’s raisers (our leaders) brought him over before youth group since it worked out for me to take him tonight. He’s the sweetest dog I think I’ve ever met! I’ve actually never puppy-sat a golden puppy before, so I was a little nervous at first. I did work with my friend’s golden at school (Guinevere) but that was never really on my own. But I’m in love with him already and I’ve only had him 4 hours. Oh, and he’s 14 months for those of you who are curious.

He has some typical golden traits–a little exciteable and very loving. But I was so so surprised at how well he handled the part of youth group he did get to go to. He just sat like a little gnome right next to my feet when I told him to sit, and he watched what was going on, but didn’t stress or anything. Tomorrow we take the bus to work and I’m hoping that all will go well. My leader told me that he’s had some trouble with wire crates and that’s the kind I have waiting for him at the campus, but hopefully there won’t be any trouble after all. If there is, I have to call her to come pick him up and end my perfect 2 days a whole 36 hours short.

I do have 2 very bad pictures of him, but I promise I’ll get some better ones up once they’re taken. 😀

They definitely don’t do him justice, but it’s 10pm, so I couldn’t get the nice ones outside. We’ll probably get some tomorrow after work.

G is very happy, chewing a toy….I wonder if I could convince his raisers he disappeared………..


Yeah, so Lawrence is still in 10! I’m really excited! I hope he makes the July grad with all his buddies. Remington, Loden, and Lassiter all moved up to 10 with him!!!! What good boys!

I don’t think I’ve ever told this story on the blog so if I have, bear with me. Lawrence was always extremely good, but he did the typical puppy thing of not liking to walk on leash. After a few weeks of working with him on that, he was confident and I could take him out in public again.

So my family and I went out to Red Robin for dinner and half way through I had to scoop up Lawrence and take him out to the bathroom or I knew he’d have an accident. He walked back in just fine and fell asleep under my chair. We finished dinner and woke up Lawrence who stretched and tottered out of the booth area (in that sleepy baby puppy walk we all know and love) and into the main isle (which was pretty small) and right then he decided he didn’t want to walk anymore. I tried getting really excited and talking in a high pitched voice, I tried the tug and the pop correction, I tried EVERYTHING and was really close to picking him up and carrying him out because by that time everyone was watching and laughing at him. But I knew that if I carried him, his stubbornness would pay off and he’d “win” the battle of the wills. So I didn’t pick him up. I gave my mom his leash and moved each of his feet, one foot at a time to get his puppy butt out of that isle and until he walked on his own. That’s probably my favorite memory of him. 🙂

Arturo update

Well he’s still alive! I have to contact Arturo’s owner family to get any info on how he’s doing, so I e-mailed them yesterday after the presentation at the library. This is what she had to say:

Raleigh(Arturo) is doing great. We set out at 5:30 am tomorrow morning for our big Sunday walk with Molly, a black lab. He loves the walk. We do that before church and before all the hot weather hits. He has been getting all the attention he can stand at work with my guys. He is also finally enjoing fetch and much more playful now that he is slowly getting away from being a “working” dog. He is such  joy and I love him so much. I can not imagine life without him.
Hope your summer is going well.
It’s good to hear he’s doing well, but sad that he’s un-learning everything I worked so hard to teach him. Such is the life of a career changed dog….
Almost exactly 2 years ago…