3 pieces of news:

  1. Fellow has been career changed for cataracts. That’s the same thing as Arturo was career changed for. I feel for the family. De ja vu. Their first dog, my first dog. Both would have made amazing guides. GDB will be placing him.
  2. Janda left yesterday.
  3. Vortex is in phase 3. Health checks passed. I’m relieved.

“Go To Bed”

Something I should do ;D

Here’s Janda practicing outside today.
















Official Photo Shoot


I took some cute pictures yesterday. She’s adorable. And I like her. Today we worked some more on “come” and she’ll come from anywhere in the house!! It’s great. She also gets that when she steps on the mat and hears “nice” that she gets food. So now we’re moving on to step 2 🙂 I’m also starting to really work on “sit” but instead of putting her in a sit and giving the command, we’re doing that AND when she sits on her own, we also give the command. We’ll see if it helps. Oh, and she knows her name 🙂 AND she knows that she’s supposed sit whenever people pet her. Like I said, I love this dog. She’s super smart.IMG_5401















































Janda Panda

Well she’s here. Little Miss Janda came yesterday to start her stay with us. She’s an absoulute DOLL and I love her already! She has a great personality. Outgoing and playful, but loves people and learns quickly. The great thing (I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last post or not) is that Janda’s dad (Samuel) was raised by my friend Allison. Samuel was one of the puppies that was around Arturo’s age, and I got to watch him grow up. For my grad present, Allison gave me a double photo frame that has a picture of Samuel in one side, and says “Welcome Janda, daughter of Samuel” on the other side. I’ll have to put a picture of Janda there, too 🙂

So now for pictures! Let me warn you–pictures don’t do the lil thing justice. We haven’t done an official photo shoot yet. But it’ll happen eventually. With these durn black dogs, you have to wait for a sunny day.



She’s a great lil bugger. Right now she’s sleeping under my chair. Typical puppy behavior, but I love how she has the spurts of energy, running around the room with the little lamb fleece toy and then she’ll just stop and crash. Drops on the floor. It’s hysterical.


Yeah, it’s exhausting, but I just finished my last day of real school, so now I’m free to be with the little pipsqueak. I’ve gotten back into the puppy swing–supervise when she has a little bit of energy and is happy to play by herself, play with her when she has a ton of energy, train when she’s had some play time, and have life when she’s sleeping. She already gets “come” and kinda has a hazy understanding that when she hears “nice” she gets food. Next step is to realize that every time she steps on the mat, she hears “nice” and gets the food 🙂

That’s us in a nutshell. We’ll post with GOOD pictures once we get a chance to take them!!

It’s “that day”

Let me start off by saying it’s been a while since we’ve sent a dog that I really cared about back on recall. I mean, I love all our club’s puppies lots, but when they got ready to board recall dogs…… was the hardest thing. A BIG HUGE congratulations to the raisers of Fellow, Plumas, Lincoln, and last (but definitely not least) Vortex. I had a tribute written to the big guy, but somehow the screen disappeared, and I don’t have the heart to write another one right now. I need to stop crying first.

EDIT: I found it….

Just a little tribute to Vortex. I’ll cry now, and hopefully it won’t keep coming every day this week. Vortex, you were one of my favorite dogs ever. I love your personality–the happy tail that never stopped and yes, I loved the little half-jump that you did when I walked in the door. (but that’s not guide dog approved, so I didn’t say that) I never thought I could love a dog that I didn’t raise. But you walked (or trotted) with me through so much. You were there when I started my senior year, and headed off to college. College was a scary place, but Big T, you made so many friends and so quickly. Remember when everyone on campus thought George was you, because of all the people you met? You made sad people smile, and never gave up on anyone. No one was too good for a lick, and no one was too mean for a tail wag. You never ceased to amaze me. Tex, you’ve got a great brain in that head of yours. Sometimes it shuts down, but when it’s running in full gear you can run through the most challenging obstacles a dog could face, and awe everyone. I know you’ve got it in you to be a guide. Maybe it’s not meant to be, but I am confident that you will be so happy wherever you go. Remember when we’d drive down the road, and you’d have your head out the window of my car? I was the proudest and happiest girl alive. Now you’re leaving me behind and running off to college by yourself. I know you’ll have a great time. Party hard, but study hard. Impress those trainers, and make me proud. Remember the time we went into the gym and just watched all the students play tennis? Ignore balls like you did then. Remember when we would walk through the halls at school and you stayed so focused? Ignore people like you did there. Remember when we ran trails and you ignored the other dogs? Ignore the dogs like you did then. I know that as I continue in life there will be things that will always remind me of you. You’ve left an indelible legacy behind you. I love you big guy, and can’t wait to watch you graduate. …just, make it soon will ya? Loves~Anna

The first puppy our club recieved is MYL Sutter. Cutest thing! He is being raised by Fellow’s family, and so far has a very easy going personality.

Second off was little miss “J”. Her siblings are named Jessa and Joyful (isn’t that cute!) And just FYI, she doesn’t come over here until Sunday (which works out SO well because not only will she be there for her raisers who have just sent back an amazing dog, but I don’t have to worry about her for graduation!)

Third we got MYL Moses. He is a character! Cute as can be, and I know his starter raisers will have a BLAST with him!

Fourth was Mr. MBL Dougal. I think it’s a cute name! He is with a first-time raiser family.

So the list of puppies (that I have) that came off the truck are:

FYL Rochelle

M (?) Marino

MBL Momo

MYL Moses

FBL Jessa

FBL J____

FYL Joyful

MBL Solar

MYL Sutter

MBL Dougal

MBL Diego

(there was another MBL “D” but I missed his name–Shelly probably has it)

MYL Nash

The huge bummer of the day was that my camera memory card is not in my camera. Sooo I had to take pictures on my phone. HUGE sadness. It was an overall great day, despite the fact that my Tex Tex is gone. I told him I’ll see him at graduation. Hopefully that’ll be true.

Oh!! I found out Pomona has been placed, and she’s living 25 minutes away!! I’m SUPER excited….I might get to see her again!

Well since that’s all that’s important, I hope you all have a fantastic day!









Oh wait, you probably want to hear her name. Well. Here it is…


























Introducing Janda!
Introducing Janda!

I’ll get more pictures of her asap and post them….probably Sunday or Monday!


I can’t believe it all happens tomorrow. It seems like I’ve been waiting/dreading this day FOREVER and it’s tomorrow. *ugh* Hopefully it will come fast since I have to work today, and Vortex’s raisers will pick me up at school to take me to the truck.

Blah. Just 26 hours.

J names

I had no idea how few “J” litters there are!! I have a huge list of names and so far haven’t seen that the one I want is taken….although she could be a guide, I don’t know. I’ve never made name lists before–I just had the one name I wanted. For Arturo, I wanted “Alkai” for Lawrence I wanted “Liberty” and for Pomona I wanted “Paris”. Knowing the B’s name luck(Sakino & Vortex), Miss J’s name probably won’t be on my list anyway. But I’m pulling for Jillian.

What were some of the names you guys hoped for your puppies?