Canine Connections

ah my post text never showed up! But I’ll have to give you all the update about Canine Connections soon!

And Janda is coming with me to graduation tomorrow, so if anyone else is going, we’ll both see you there!



Ok, I’m sorry. I know I haven’t posted in a VERY long time!!! Since last time, Dougal came for a short visit, and now I have Janda for the week. She’s still the sweetest thing ever. If I get to drive to school, she’ll get to come with me every day (which would be fantastic). I’ll try to get some pictures of the big girl and post them soon.

Vortex is in phase 10 still, and not in the September class (at least not yet).


3 pieces of news:

  1. Fellow has been career changed for cataracts. That’s the same thing as Arturo was career changed for. I feel for the family. De ja vu. Their first dog, my first dog. Both would have made amazing guides. GDB will be placing him.
  2. Janda left yesterday.
  3. Vortex is in phase 3. Health checks passed. I’m relieved.

Last (probably) photoshoot

Well plans have changed. Janda’s family is finishing their remodel early so they can take little J back on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m so sad. I’ll miss her so much and was looking forward to taking her to church next Sunday…there were a few families who never got to meet her. *sigh* The plus side is that I’ll have 3 days of puppy-less-ness where I can do what I want–before I start work. But we took a few pictures of Little Bean yesterday and some of them actually turned out well!!



Today we had our weekly meeting with one our puppy club leaders, and Janda’s raiser. Here’s how it went down…

Leader: What are Janda’s problems?

Me: …..

Leader: And don’t say there aren’t any because no puppy is perfect 🙂

Me: She….doesn’t like pooping on cement because she was allowed to go on grass once. …….and she’s a little whiney but that’s what we’re working on right now, and the whining on tie-down has almost completely stopped.

End of story.


We like her.



“Go To Bed”

Something I should do ;D

Here’s Janda practicing outside today.
















Official Photo Shoot


I took some cute pictures yesterday. She’s adorable. And I like her. Today we worked some more on “come” and she’ll come from anywhere in the house!! It’s great. She also gets that when she steps on the mat and hears “nice” that she gets food. So now we’re moving on to step 2 🙂 I’m also starting to really work on “sit” but instead of putting her in a sit and giving the command, we’re doing that AND when she sits on her own, we also give the command. We’ll see if it helps. Oh, and she knows her name 🙂 AND she knows that she’s supposed sit whenever people pet her. Like I said, I love this dog. She’s super smart.IMG_5401