100th Post!!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 posts….weeiirrdd…

Well with his raiser’s permission, I’d like to introduce you to Lawrence’s brother, Lorenzo.

Like most of the “L” litter, Lorenzo made it all the way to phase 10. However, he was career changed and is now living with his raisers’ niece.

One thing I’ve noticed about this litter is that they all look so different from eachother!! (Although I haven’t seen any of the girls, the boys are all so different looking…)

Lorenzo (who I think looks a little bit like Kimora)



Weird, huh?

Oh, and Lorenzo’s raisers are now raising this adorable little man, Newby:

And since this is post #100, I thought I’d post pictures (that hopefully I haven’t posted before, lol) of all the dogs who are special to me….being a puppy sitter, there are many 😀

A is for…

Arturo (my first puppy)

Armand (Arturo’s brother, raised near me by a girl who became a friend because of the boys)

B is for…

Bono (my “demo dog” if I ever had a public speaking event about GDB, which I do a lot, I brought Bono. He was practically perfect. Oh-so-mellow)

Bradford (my “Christmas dog” of ’06…i’ve had a dog every christmas for 3 years)

F is for…

Fantine (the 3rd puppy of Armand’s raiser who spent 3 weeks with me earlier this year…you may remember her 🙂 She’s also Frisco’s sister)

Flynn (a puppy who came up with Lawrence, Fillmore’s brother, that I practically co-raised. He spent a little less than a half of his puppy raising days at my house, but we LOVED him)

L is for…

Lantana (a.k.a. Lanabanana or the ADHD teddy bear…Lana is also being raised by a friend, and spends time with me occasionally)

Lawrence (“the little guy”, my first starter puppy and first graduate)

P is for…

Devil. Oh, I mean Pomona (my 3rd puppy, 2nd starter, and……a handful. 😀 She was my Christmas ’07 puppy)

S is for…

Sakino (another amazing beyond belief puppy…I showed him at 4-H state fair, and he came in first against 6 other puppies in his class. Which is a big accomplishment!)

V is for…

Vortex (I love this dog. He’s my favorite PIT right now. I have an open arrangement with his raiser that if she ever needs him to go somewhere for a day so she can work a full day, that I’ll take him to school with me)

The other dogs who are special to me, are all of your dogs. 😀 Over the……however long I’ve been blogging, I feel like I know some of you guys and your pups. If someone mentions one of your dogs my immediate reactions is, “Oh! I know him! (or her)…well, technically I don’t, but I know him online!”

I love this community of blogger raisers….you guys are so great. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll actually get to read about MY dog….#4…. 🙂



As you all in CA are enjoying Fun Days (and Kelsey and Emily getting their new boy!!!) Little Lantana has wiggled her way into our house and hearts. She’s very much a golden. If you don’t know what I mean by that, ask Emily and Kelsey after they’ve had their puppy for a few months, or puppy-sit a golden. They’re very different from labs. 😀 She’s almost as hard to get a good picture of as a black lab!!


Laughing at me for trying to get a decent picture of her

iiiitch…aaahhh that feels goooood…

Being patriotic.

As of right now it looks like we’re only going to have one outing. Tomorrow she’ll go to church with me and my big bro, which could be a very interesting experience…my church is, well let’s say, not “normal”.  It rocks. Literally. So we’ll go there tomorrow morning and then the club meeting that afternoon and then she goes home. 😦 Tears. Sadness. No outings today–mostly just playing around inside and walks around the neighborhood.

One of the many things I love about Lantana is that she always wants to be touching you. Not just foot on yours, head on your shoe, no she wiggles into your lap and flops in it with skill I’ve never seen before. I won’t plan on having her sit with me, but there she’ll be all of a sudden.

With the love wiggling, she also has boundless energy. I’ve never experienced a dog with so much energy. Ever. She woke up at 6 this morning (it’s SATURDAY Lana!!) and then bounced around until 3, when she finally took a nap next to me on the floor. I sent her raiser a text “Does your dog ever SLEEP?!? lol” to which she responded “sometimes” lololol

Yes, ADHD teddy bear is a better description than I imagined!!! Love you, Lana!

The Weekend…

In 3 days I get to puppy-sit the most adorable puppy in our club over the weekend. Little Miss Lantana, the other golden. Unlike Gaston, who is very handsome, Lana has the stubbier, stockier, more rounded head. Very cute and very different from Gaston’s long, regal nose.

From a few months ago:


I HAVE to get pictures of this one while she’s here….She’s like….the supermodel of the dog world. But she’s also very energetic, so we’ll see how it goes. Lantana Banana–the ADHD teddy bear.

Guide Dog Presentation

Today Festival and I got to go to our public library along with the other youth raisers in our club and talk about guide dogs to whoever stopped in. It was a lot of fun to get to hang out with the other youth raisers Abby and Lantana, Rachael and George, and Graeme and Pace. Abby’s mom was also there, and she did most of the talking, so we raisers got to let people pet the dogs and talk the whole time.

Pace hates looking at the camera. 😀

Festival is adorable! Whiney, but adorable!!

I fell in love with George the moment I saw him….

All of us: Abby and Lantana, a girl who was interested in raising, Graeme and Pace, me and Festival, and Rachael and George

Welcome Lantana!

Today I got to meet our club’s newest arrival, little miss Lantana (pronounced like Hannah Montana). She’s an adorable little ball of fluff, and she’s HUGE! Came to her raisers at 10 weeks old, and she’s now 12 weeks. I didn’t get many good pictures ’cause she was always on the go, and she couldn’t walk freely in school because her raiser didn’t think she could handle it yet….

Our Phase Report:

Lawrence-MYL-Phase 3

Remington-MYL-Phase 3