I may be out for a while…

Between being puppyless, and therefore having nothing to write about, and having my bottow two wisdom teeth taken out today, I will probably not be writing anything for the next few days. When Fellow comes I’ll post lots about him, I’m sure.

Oh, and Lawrence’s brother Lorenzo’s raiser found me and so I’m hoping I’ll have pictures of the boys to share.

Ah, and one more thing, this one about Pomona. The little stinker is in the club of someone on the Yahoo group and she sent me this message:

Hi Anna,
I just wanted to let you know what’s going on with Pomona. 
As I think you know she is currently being co raised by two different families.  Last weekend she was at one raiser’s home and Pomona started to get sick.  She was throwing up a lot and could not keep any food down.  She seemed to be getting better by Monday(when the other raiser had her) so no one worried about it too much. But then we had our club meeting Tuesday afternoon and she started to throw up again. 
She was taken to the emergency vet.  The vets had to open Pomona up because they knew it was a bad infection or a blockage.  It turns out there was a paperclip and a chunk of carpet in Pomona’s stomach.  She is doing MUCH better now.  She is being fed a special diet of science diet(canned food) and rice and will be introduced to kibble again soon.
I just wanted to give you an update, I know how much you liked her 🙂
Silly girl. I’m hoping that maybe the girl in Pomona’s club will give my e-mail address to P-mo’s new raisers so that we can keep in contact. I dearly miss that girl….She certainly kept me on my toes.