Yeah, so Lawrence is still in 10! I’m really excited! I hope he makes the July grad with all his buddies. Remington, Loden, and Lassiter all moved up to 10 with him!!!! What good boys!

I don’t think I’ve ever told this story on the blog so if I have, bear with me. Lawrence was always extremely good, but he did the typical puppy thing of not liking to walk on leash. After a few weeks of working with him on that, he was confident and I could take him out in public again.

So my family and I went out to Red Robin for dinner and half way through I had to scoop up Lawrence and take him out to the bathroom or I knew he’d have an accident. He walked back in just fine and fell asleep under my chair. We finished dinner and woke up Lawrence who stretched and tottered out of the booth area (in that sleepy baby puppy walk we all know and love) and into the main isle (which was pretty small) and right then he decided he didn’t want to walk anymore. I tried getting really excited and talking in a high pitched voice, I tried the tug and the pop correction, I tried EVERYTHING and was really close to picking him up and carrying him out because by that time everyone was watching and laughing at him. But I knew that if I carried him, his stubbornness would pay off and he’d “win” the battle of the wills. So I didn’t pick him up. I gave my mom his leash and moved each of his feet, one foot at a time to get his puppy butt out of that isle and until he walked on his own. That’s probably my favorite memory of him. 🙂