They’re out of May puppies.

You have no idea how sad I am. I will not be raising any puppies for the next 3 (at least) years due to college.

EDIT: I did tell my leader that if a May puppy becomes available, I’m still all for it. So there’s always that slight possibility. And also, if Vortex does not go back on the June truck, maybe I can work with their June puppy for the month, unofficially (since once it becomes official, it seems to get more complicated :D)



For those of you who are curious about my last post and the cryptic comment about decisions and dogs I thought I’d give you a little update:

I have no news. lol.

HOWEVER, Vortex’ raisers and our family have figured out an arrangement that would make it possible for me to starter raise their next puppy. This would be a puppy off the May 14th puppy truck and would either be transferred to their family at the June truck (if Vortex makes it back on the June truck) or by July 5th (since I go to all-day work on July 6th). That’s my not news. I’ll definitely post the final decision.