Phase Reports

I decided, I hate phase reports. Not as a general rule, but just right now. I bet Anna and Coreena have been feeling the same way. The phase 10 dogs can’t go anywhere else, so now we wait for a phone call…. ugh. So much for the eager anticipation of Thursdays.

I sit. And I wait. And Lawrence sits. And waits.

It’s horrible.

Bono-MLGX-phase 5

Lawrence-MYL-phase 10

Remington-MYL-phase 10

Sakino-MBL-phase 4

 Oh! I’m not the one in this picture..


Part 2: still guest starring Gaston

Today we started out for the bus and work eagerly anticipating Gaston’s reaction to the wire crate at my job–the thing which would either let him stay through tomorrow or make him go home early. Well we got there and he did fine with it. Yaaay.

It was an exhausting day at camp, but somehow having a puppy makes it ten thousand times more fun. He spends most of the camp in the crate and then on my lunch break he gets to be loose in my break room and then he goes back in while I finish the camp.

I had this random guy come up to me (as is normal to puppy raisers) and ask a bunch of questions. Unlike most people this guy was really driving me nuts. He asked all the normal questions and then he just stood there and kinda watched me for about 10 minutes while occasionally asking random questions. Not watching Gaston, watching me. Eventually his bus came and he left. *whew*

The bus is pretty crowded, and he’s a huge dog!! We have affectionately nicknamed him “Moose”

 So far my experience with Gaston has convinced me that goldens are amazing and wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, can focus but also be goofy when not working, listens, and responds to corrections on the flat collar! I love this guy!!!

Haven’t seen the phase reports for the week, but as far as I know everyone is still in, and no one is in class…

Phase Reports

Can I have a drumroll please??? Lawrence is in….7!!!! YAY!!!!! Description of phase 7:

Phase #7

  • Guidework in extremely challenging downtown urban areas (San Francisco and Portland)
  • Training on buses, light rail/subway systems and platform edges
  • Introduction to low overhead clearances
  • Advanced off-leash obedience
  • Formal traffic training

Also, our buddies Remington and Loden have moved to 7! What a great group of guys!!

Oh, and our buddy, Bravo (was raised by my 1st pup’s brother’s raiser :D) is in class in CA!!! Yeah Bravo! The family’s last dog, Anton was also placed in class and dropped last-minute for dog distraction, but I think Bravo will do just fine.

Phase 6

Well, the Lawrie Boy is still in 6. Hey, being in one phase is fine, if that means he doesn’t get dropped!!

Here’s a really bad picture of me and my bro and the little guyzo. He was SO dang good. He was probably 12 weeks old here, and going to wrestling tournaments where there was lotsa noise and chaos, but he didn’t care. That’s my boy.

Just Kidding!!

I just just got them…Lawrence is in 6!!!!!! Go buddy!!!! Over half way done with the phases… Here’s the description:

Phase #6

  • Guidework routes in difficult and challenging work environments (heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas, wide crossings, hectic atmospheres, etc.)
  • Introduction to sidewalkless areas and rounded curbs
  • Continued work in malls, stores and buildings, with increasing exposure to varying sights, sounds and smells
  • Lessons in advanced guidework skills, such as moving turns
  • Introduction to “intelligent disobedience” (dogs learn to refuse to obey a command if it is unsafe to execute)
  • Advanced obedience training