Lawrence and Photos

Well, I haven’t seen the reports, but Anna says Lawrence is stuck in 3. Silly boy. Well, if they’re keeping him in 3, means they have some kind of reason for doing so! And it also means they see potential. Way to keep us in suspense, Lawrie! ..eeeek…

As far as pictures go… *sigh* I wish I had a puppy…but here are some of the “other” types they’re looking for (since I’ve exhausted my supply of great ones in years past) and it seems that all my amazing pictures are vestless. *sigh again*

Let me know your favorite!!!

I am having a photo genius friend of mine look at some of my amazing pictures that are vestless and see if she can photoshop a vest into them. 😀

Oh, and I’m getting increasingly fed up with Word Press and all their changes. So I may consider switching to Blogger if they don’t fix their problems quickly.