Snow Day

Here she is…snow pictures!! My camera is stupid and the flash won’t work, but I’ll post the ones that are relatively non-blurry.










We’re still working on not eating the snow. But since it’s finally melting here, I’m hoping it won’t be necessary for too long. Still snowed in. But we did go on a walk today. Ti was so excited, and we slipped half of the time, but it was great for her to get out.


Picture Game

Well, unbeknownst to me, until now, we were tagged by Elizabeth and Alana in the picture game. 🙂

Rules: go to your picture folder, and in the 6th folder, choose the 6th picture and tell the story behind that photo. And then tag six more people to play!

Well, this was Lawrence at his graduation. It was during the time when you got to meet your dog’s new handler. His 2nd raisers hadn’t gotten there yet, so he was happy to see me. 🙂

Um, I’m not sure who’s been tagged, but I’ll tag

Coreena and puppy-to-be

Megan and Fullerton

Becky and Cricket

and anyone else who wants to play!!!

Winter Wonderland

I suppose I should update. Life’s been VERY slow here. We’ve been snowed in for almost a week, and I hate it. So does Tianna. We stil have about a foot of snow, but my dad put chains on our car, and we’re going to venture up to the grocery store so that I can get the rest of my Christmas presents and Tianna can have an outing, her first in over a week. We discovered that if she eats too much snow, she gets really runny stools. SO, no snow for little Tianna!!!

She’s a sweet girl. Many a night she will curl up in my lap and we’ll watch a movie. She’s still working on not mouthing, and whining’s been interesting (when she’s on the tie-down), but over all she’s great. Spends a lot of time loose in my room or on tie-downs in other parts of the house.

I really do need to get some pictures with her, especially ones in the snow. But she’s so wiggly it’s hard. And I hate snow. So put them together, and it’s been a challenge to be motivated enough to get out the camera and the dog at the same time. But here are some from inside:


I take it back. I do have ONE good picture of her in the snow….



Mellow Fellow


Fellow is very calm and laid-back. BUT, I’m looking forward to taking Vortex again. I love that little puppy. Fellow is so so so calm that he almost has no personality. I like Vortex’s spunky personality. 😀

Ok the winner is….

I’m sending in the last one, which also happens to be the one that’s on the top of my blog. (I knew I liked that picture…) It’s a little blurry when blown-up, but we’ll see…. My mom’s sending in the first one, so we’re doing both, but one per person!! 😀


Not much other news except I was going to be puppy-sitting in May, and then I wasn’t, and now I am again. lol. So I get “Fantine” mid-May. That’ll be fun!!! Boy I miss puppies!!!!

Here are some pictures of Fantine that her raiser sent me…


And these are “the girls” me and P-mo and Emily and Fantine right off the truck

Wise Advice and pictures…

Wise Advice

This is the blog of Helen and her guide dog Opal. I love reading it and hearing what her life’s like. And I love the picture that’s up there right now.

Speaking of pictures, pleeeease vote on my pics and let me know which one I should send…. I’m leaning towards the first or last ones…but I love the 3rd of working guide, Maurice. eek.