I was curious, after the post on Angel’s blog about being able to make it through an entire meeting on the flat collar (yayyyy!!!!), what you guys prefer as far as collars go? With Artu, it took me a while to get him a training collar, but very soon after that he was given a Halti. I really don’t like headcollars in general, but some dogs just need ’em.

When I get a dog, I’ll always start them out on their flat collar, but have their training collar around their neck, and head collar in my pocket. (if they have a head collar) I apply the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” to end up being something like “flat until proving the need for a halti”.

So anyway, this is an interactive post…what do you prefer? There’s no “right” answer, just preferences:

 The Flat

 The Training

 Or the head collar????