Puppy Raiser Questions…

Erin and Midnight posted this quiz thing, and wanted everyone to do it eventually…..so tag you’re it. 😀

  1. How many puppies have you raised? 3.5 – Arturo, Lawrence, Pomona, kinda co-raised Flynn
  2. Why did you start raising? Eh,  I started raising because I couldn’t have a dog full-time, and I wanted a puppy that I could take everywhere. I know, it’s horrible. But that’s SO NOT my reason anymore. 😀
  3. How Long have you been a puppy raiser? mmm….3 years? 4 years? Something like that.
  4. What is one thing you have learned in raising? One thing? That blind people are really cool. They’re not “weird” or “scary” at all.
  5. What have your puppies taught you? Sacrifice. Dedication. Endurance. Perseverance. And the true meanings of joy and pain.
  6. What is the strangest thing someone has asked/said to you about your puppy? Person: “Are you blind?” Me: “no” Person: “Is the dog blind?”
  7. Do you give your puppies real name out in public? Yeah…usually I have to relate it to something or repeat it a few times. Like “Are-two-row” “Lawrence, as in Lawrence of Arabia” and “Pomona. Puh-moe-nuh. It’s a city in California”
  8. What is the most embarrassing incident that you’ve had with your puppy? Oh gosh. I’ve had so many….Pomona pooped in the middle of the walkway to the doors at the grocery store. I’ve scared many waiters half to death. And once, Arturo walked by a little Asian girl in the library, and she started screaming and crying hysterically because she was scared of dogs. eek!
  9. What is the most proud moment you’ve had with your puppy? I actually have a few…winning grand champion at State Fair, and doing so well on the evaluation course there that our advisor decided to recall him. Definitely making it to recall, and one day, we were in the drugstore and were looking at something when a dad and his son walked towards us, and kinda hesitantly stopped in front of us. I turned and said hi to them, and the dad said, “could my son pet your dog?” I said, “sure!” The dad said, ” _____ (his son) just came from the hospital, and we’re picking up his perscription. You see, a dog was chained outside someone’s house, and bit ____ on the arm when he was passing by. Now, he’s dealthy scared of dogs. I figured your dog would be safe to pet.” I almost got teary eyed. My big Tu boy helped this little boy get over his huge fear of dogs. The little boy was very very hesitant at first, and I put Arturo into a sit, and then told the little boy he was very gentle. Eventually, the little boy was very happy with Artu, and Artu was giving him all kinds of kisses. It made my day to see him smile.
  10. What advice do you have for newbie puppy raisers/owners? Cherish every moment. It flies by waaaay too quickly. Take lots of pictures and VIDEOS!!! If you ever get exhausted or tired of your pup, ask a puppy sitter to take him for a day or 2 or 3. That’s what they’re there for! Don’t stress out too much. There’s pro trainers waiting for your pup when he’s done with you!