Vortex made it into Community Connections!

My little favorite made it into the GDB Community Connections newsletter! I sent in the picture of him at school, and Sarah loved it, so now he’s famous. 🙂

You can see it here: http://www.guidedogs.com/site/DocServer/comm-conn-2008-dec.pdf

In other news, I’m puppy-less, but still thinking Tianna should be here. I got home from the mall today and almost went to my room to get her out of the crate. 😦 But it’s kind of nice at the same time. No 7am breakfast anymore!!

I don’t have any immediate puppy-sitting on the horizon, because apparently I didn’t scoop her little business fast enough for my parents, so I don’t get a puppy this month. (it was supposed to be for the month of Feb, but since Tianna left early I think I can do a Feb pup). I’m pretty sure I’m getting Festival in March. But I apparently need to go to meetings more often. It’s been really hard since my parents go to evening church which is exactly when our meetings are. But I’m working something out with my leaders. They want me to come more often, and I want to come more, too!! I always feel a little left out when I do go to meetings because we have a ton of new people who I don’t know. And they’re always handling puppies to get more experience. Since I don’t NEED to handle puppies, I let them do it all. The other weird thing is that all these new families (there are 3 or 4!) only know me as a puppy-sitter. They have no idea about the 3 pups I’ve raised. *sigh* I feel so ordinary. lol.


Adios Chiquita

Well it looks like Tianna will be leaving today. Sadly. We were originally going to take her home Sunday, but when I thought about it, her raisers are home, and I really wanted to sleep in on Saturday. So I suggested Friday, but her raiser is meeting with a new family on Friday, so she’s leaving today. 😦

As much as she’s been a lot of hard work and required quite a few hours of training, I love her and will miss her a lot. She’s learned a lot and it’s always great to see a dog go from a puppy who does everything wrong to a little older dog who knows what to do, but still does almost everything wrong. 😉

Yesterday we trekked up to McDonalds for lunch and of course “little T” came with us. She has such a hard time with people that I didn’t expect her to do very well. But we walked in and after a few corrections, she did fantastically well. I was very happily surprised! So after that outing I’m sad to see her go. There’s so much potential…. *sigh*

Here are some pictures of Chiquita in our Santa Hat…




Tianna says THAT's where the hat should ALWAYS be...

Tianna says THAT's where the hat should ALWAYS be...


And some pictures of just the cute little girlie.



Right now, she’s just sitting by my feet. She always loves to be with you wherever you are. If she’s in your lap, she’s happy. I’m gonna miss this girl!!! BUT once school starts again……Vortex will probably start his school visits again. Except he can’t come Tuesdays and Thursdays because I’ll be playing volleyball…


Tianna’s been learning her commands this week, because since she’s so smart, she always needs mental stimulation. So we videoed her commands today. 😛 She’s still learning, and we use a few leash cues (especially on “down”) but she’s pretty good considering she’s 17 weeks.



That’s Enough, Wait, and Ok

Wait, Ok

Sit, Stay, Come

Down, Stay, Come

Snow Day

Here she is…snow pictures!! My camera is stupid and the flash won’t work, but I’ll post the ones that are relatively non-blurry.










We’re still working on not eating the snow. But since it’s finally melting here, I’m hoping it won’t be necessary for too long. Still snowed in. But we did go on a walk today. Ti was so excited, and we slipped half of the time, but it was great for her to get out.

Winter Wonderland

I suppose I should update. Life’s been VERY slow here. We’ve been snowed in for almost a week, and I hate it. So does Tianna. We stil have about a foot of snow, but my dad put chains on our car, and we’re going to venture up to the grocery store so that I can get the rest of my Christmas presents and Tianna can have an outing, her first in over a week. We discovered that if she eats too much snow, she gets really runny stools. SO, no snow for little Tianna!!!

She’s a sweet girl. Many a night she will curl up in my lap and we’ll watch a movie. She’s still working on not mouthing, and whining’s been interesting (when she’s on the tie-down), but over all she’s great. Spends a lot of time loose in my room or on tie-downs in other parts of the house.

I really do need to get some pictures with her, especially ones in the snow. But she’s so wiggly it’s hard. And I hate snow. So put them together, and it’s been a challenge to be motivated enough to get out the camera and the dog at the same time. But here are some from inside:


I take it back. I do have ONE good picture of her in the snow….



Well we have had snow!! Ugh. I hate snow. It’s too cold. 🙂 Tianna loves it!! She loves trying to eat it I should say. Do you guys let your puppies eat snow?

Tianna has been pretty good. She doesn’t know what to do with herself when she’s on tie-down and usually ends up staring at us and whining a little. Not playing with the toys, of course. *sigh*

She’s tons better on outings though. If we take it somewhat slow, she seems to get it. We end up stopping every two seconds to calm her down, but she “gets it” and is a whole TON better about garbage mouthing on outings. In the house it’s still hard, but she’s better when she’s out.

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer and she took some pictures of Tianna and I yesterday. I’ll get those posted when I get the CD today.

Meet Tianna

Well she’s here. Miss Tianna came this morning. She came early so that she could go visit my old school with me (not such a great idea). My initial impression: she has a lot of energy and will be a somewhat difficult puppy as she gets older. Let’s just say I’m glad she’s not with first-time raisers.

She’s ADORABLE and would melt anyone’s heart, though. At 16 weeks, she’s not doing TOO bad. Her biggest things right now are walking nicely on leash, getting excited, and mouthing. But those are all pretty normal 16-week puppy things. I’m looking forward to introducing her to puppy bootcamp. *cough* I mean, Anna’s house.