Guess What!?!

Graduation was fantastic. I had a fabulous time, and seeing Sakino again was fun. 😀 No pictures, sorry.

So at the reception, one of the families Pomona went to (the one after us) came over and said, “Anna, that’s the man who raised Pomona!” So I got to meet the guy who had our little girl!! Man it sounds like she was SO GOOD. He said that all of the problems we had–they didn’t have any of them. I heard the barking was curbed when she was put on citronella, but he said she was smart and just a great dog. I can’t believe it. lol. She was in the kennels but I didn’t go on a tour (since I didn’t know she was still there) so I didn’t get to see her. 😦 But I got their e-mail address and maybe they’ll send me some pictures of her as a big girl! I’m so happy 🙂

Tex had his eval yesterday. Our CFR is going to take him (and the 2 other boys) downtown on Friday for another eval, to see how they do with the stressful environment. So hopefully my boys will do well. (Note: though our club’s raisers might think they’re raising their own dogs, or even GDB’s dogs, they’re really all MY dogs ;D)


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  1. That sounds like an awesome day! Graduations are always uber special no matter what. Yay for a Pomona update! 😀

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